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Infocode is a professional small program production company, which has successfully provided small program production services for many Fortune 500 companies and other famous brands

In 2023, we successfully served the mini program project of Hong Kong Sun Hung Kai Properties in the mainland, and we have professional docking experience between Hong Kong and the mainland

For more information about making small programs or you need to make a small program, please contact Blue Chang customer service for free consultation and technical support

Hong Kong Mini Program Development
Hong Kong Mini Program Development

1. Communicate and clarify needs Brief

First of all, the project manager of Infocode Lanchang Information Technology will communicate with you about the mini program production project requirements through conference calls, WeChat, emails or face-to-face meetings.

Small program project feasibility analysis:

After understanding the requirements in detail, we will do a project feasibility analysis for the customer: whether H5 development, website development, small program development, APP development, video post-production, VR development, etc. can achieve the desired effect of the customer. If the customer’s requirements cannot be realized at the technical level, Lanchang Information Technology will suggest alternative implementation suggestions for the customer, etc.

Project quotation:

Estimate project development costs for customers, and send project quotations by email

2. Sign the contract, schedule the project TimeLine

After the legal review by both parties, a specific legally effective contract is formally signed, and the cooperation content, acceptance criteria, and maintenance services are agreed in detail (Note: All development projects, including small program production, have a one-year free maintenance period)

Make a development schedule and execute it strictly according to the project schedule

3. Small program production prototype, scheme design

Lanchang Information Technology conducts prototype drawing/interaction design and UI design for customers, provides a complete set of renderings Demo, and submits it to customers for confirmation. And modify it according to the customer’s needs until the customer confirms the design draft

4. Small program project development, progress report

The developers of Lanchang Information Technology carry out project development and report the development progress at any time

5. Small program project testing, customer acceptance

After the project is completed, Lanchang Information Technology conducts three rounds of internal testing. The internal testing ensures that there are no problems, and then it is submitted to the customer for testing. After the customer testing is completed, the mail project will be accepted, and a special value-added tax invoice will be issued to the customer.

6. Deployment, invoice issuance, project operation and maintenance

After customer acceptance, we will configure the official server environment, and carry out project deployment and CDN acceleration, install traffic statistics tools, and go online

Lanchang Information Technology will be on call to serve online activities at any time, adjust the activity probability, prize data volume and other parameters at any time according to customer needs, and do a good job in traffic monitoring, database backup, security protection and other work

WeChat applet production technology stack

Frontend: Html + js + css

Middle office: redis and memcache

Backend: php +nginx + mysql

Shanghai Mini Program Production
Shanghai Mini Program Production

Online consultation on WeChat Mini Program Development in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Small program consultation

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