What are the new ways to operate the hotel industry with the help of mini programs?

What new ways can the hotel industry use mini programs to operate?

As people’s demand for hotel services increases when they go out, the traditional hotel industry is also faced with the need to enter a new operating model to improve service quality. However, traditional hotels have difficulties such as low customer retention and the inability to improve service experience. All can be solved with the help of WeChat applet. So what new ways can the hotel industry use mini programs to operate? Let’s talk about it below.

What are the new ways to operate the hotel industry with the help of mini programs?
Mini program development

1. Community operation: First of all, we can use the original old customers to build exclusive hotel WeChat communities for operation. We can gradually subdivide these communities into new customer groups or old customer groups, etc., through community activities and social Group interaction can be used to shorten the distance with customers, thereby building accurate customer traffic for the hotel. It can also increase customers’ trust in the hotel and at the same time divert traffic into the hotel’s mini program to generate orders.

2. Content operation: Secondly, you can use the content operation of the WeChat public account to promote the hotel, recommend event specials, high-quality room types, etc. Then insert a small program into the content. When customers are interested in the pushed hotel content, click to read it. , and there is also a certain probability of clicking into the hotel mini program to find hotel services related to the content to achieve order conversion.

3. Live broadcast operation: The concept of live broadcast operation basically began to exist in 2019, and the hotel industry can use the small program live broadcast operation model to broadcast the scenes and services of offline hotels to customers more intuitively and directly, so that Not only can it help the hotel attract customers and achieve conversion, but it can also vigorously promote the hotel’s brand image.

4. Marketing operations: Finally, you can use the marketing tools in the mini program to carry out different types of marketing activities, such as limited-time flash sale listings, daily discounted listings, order points lottery, etc., which can greatly stimulate new customers. Entering the hotel mini program for consumption and purchase, thereby promoting the conversion of hotel room orders, to achieve the effect of maximizing hotel revenue.

Of course, with the help of small program operations, hotels can also integrate different operational methods to create a new operating model suitable for their own hotels to promote the development of the hotel.

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