What is internal link optimization in website SEO optimization? How to do?

What is website SEO internal link optimization?

Internal link optimization is an important work content of SEO optimization. A good website internal link construction must be able to make the pages in the site form a reasonable link structure with each other, and maximize the user experience by adding navigation, maps and text links. , and at the same time provide convenience for search engines to crawl, thereby indirectly improving keyword rankings.

Website internal link optimization methods Website optimization is mainly divided into two categories, one is off-site optimization, and the other is on-site optimization. Off-site optimization is the primary website construction, while in-site optimization internal link construction is the core of website optimization work. The most important thing is that it is even more important than on-site optimization, and it is also an indispensable and important link to improve the overall weight of the website.

What is internal link optimization in website SEO optimization? How to do?
Website SEO optimization

How to do internal link SEO optimization?

Navigation links

The navigation chain is a link mode formed by connecting each page on the website. Many webmasters cannot avoid a misunderstanding on this issue, that is, the navigation is made in the form of pictures or animations. Such navigation is carried out by search engines. When grabbing content, it will cause a lot of obstacles, which is basically equivalent to dead navigation.
Therefore, it is recommended that when doing internal link optimization, webmasters must avoid using animation or pictures to make navigation, and use text as much as possible; at the same time, it is necessary to accurately express the theme of each web page in the anchor text, so as to provide links Add a title.


The websites generated by the CMS system used by some large-scale websites or portal websites basically adopt the breadcrumb navigation method. Through this navigation structure form, the clearest internal structure of the website can be presented to the user, and the user is always reminded of the current situation. location. And users can also return to the previous or top-level page according to the navigation at any time, so SEO optimization personnel are recommended to use the breadcrumb navigation method in websites with more than two layers of structure.

Sitemap link

The site map link refers to making a clear site map, linking all the pages inside the site to this map, which can play a great role in optimizing the internal structure of the site. The content of all pages and The categories are marked.
No matter what kind of website it is, it is recommended that you build a site map and submit it to search engines. Only in this way can you ensure that every page in the website can be included by search engines.

Text link

Text links can be seen everywhere on the website, and it is also the most widely used method as a form of link so far. The biggest feature of text links is that the click rate is relatively high, and it is easy to be recognized by search engines, so do a good job in the website. Text link optimization is very helpful to improve the quality of the internal structure of the website.

The role of website internal link optimization

In a popular sense, internal links are actually the link relationship between website pages, and it is also one of the most important means used by SEO optimizers to improve keyword rankings. Through the planning of internal links on the website, search engines and Users present a relatively clear and intuitive website structure, maximizing user experience.

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