WeChat mini program production in Shanghai: What is the mini program production process?

WeChat mini programs are becoming more and more popular, so more and more companies and merchants want to develop their own WeChat mini programs. Merchants who are new to WeChat Mini Programs may not be very familiar with the WeChat Mini Program production process. Let’s take a look at what the Mini Program production process is?

Shanghai WeChat Mini Program Production
Shanghai WeChat Mini Program Production

1. Determine the positioning and purpose of the WeChat mini program
Such as industry, functions, content, target users, target market, intention list, professional role, etc.

2. The program production company or team that implements the mini program
If it is an external team, they need to sign a contract and go to the company to inspect the situation on site before making payment. There are many companies that produce mini programs, and not every company will produce the mini program you like. This requires investigation, but also good communication.

3. Determine the copywriting materials for mini program production
Including design requirements, functional items, forms, advertising language, template columns, buttons, jump links, operating logic, calculation formulas, display methods, etc.

4. Mini program design plan and design pictures released
Deliver art design, maintain communication, and design according to copywriting and communication content. First version review to see if any design details need to be changed. Finalize the design plan.

5. Mini program design and slicing, program production, and background production
The design draft is delivered to the front-end for slicing and program editing and production.

6. Upload relevant materials and function settings of the mini program
Add relevant text and image content to complete the mini program.

7. Mini program testing
Conduct different environment tests, form tests, phone tests, background tests, etc.

8. Apply for registration mini program
Method 1: Quickly register the WeChat applet through the WeChat official account background
Mini program management, addition, quick registration, authentication, and binding. To register, you need to apply for an email address and set up a separate password. When authenticating, please note that the certification generally uses the qualifications certified by the original official account. Just choose the official account certification directly.
Method 2: Register directly for the WeChat mini program
On the homepage of the WeChat public platform official website, click the “Register Now” button in the upper right corner. Select the registered account type → fill in the email and password → activate the email → fill in the subject information → select the subject → verify → fill in the administrator information → complete the registration (refer to the “WeChat Mini Program Access Guide”)

9. Fill in the mini program information
Complete the information, fill in the WeChat mini program name, introduction, upload the mini program avatar, and set keywords.

10.Add administrator
Set the programmer as the mini program project administrator and assign permissions.

11. Upload mini program version V1.0.1
The administrator follows the WeChat Open Platform Guidelines and uploads the development version in development management.

12. Code review
The version review stage can be viewed in the review version.

13. Approved
The mobile phone receives the message “Code review passed”.

14. Generate online version
The mini program version V1.0.1 is online, and it will be version V1.0.2 in the future.

15. Release version
Set allowed to be searched. You can search for mini programs in WeChat mini programs. Search for name.

16.Add nearby mini programs
According to the business license, add the location of the mini program. Mini programs can be found near this location. A maximum of 10 locations can be added, and locations must be related to the business license subject.

17. Add search keywords
Add industry keywords to facilitate searching. It is currently one of the main sources of organic traffic.

18.Customer service function
Bind WeChat ID and set up customer service to facilitate online consultation

WeChat payment settings, data statistics, development management, QR codes, etc.

20. WeChat mini program launched

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