Can you make money by developing WeChat mini program movies?

Can I make money by developing WeChat mini program movies?

Since the development of the short video market, online videos, short videos and other display formats have basically occupied the way most modern users watch film and television videos. When WeChat mini programs are integrated into film and television videos, they can bring about new changes in the movie viewing mode. Allowing users to watch movies in a more convenient and faster way, can businesses really gain revenue by developing WeChat movie applets now? The editor will analyze it in detail below.

Can you make money by developing WeChat mini program movies?
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1. Potential market: A new blue ocean of content. With the current development trend of users switching from PC to mobile, more than 85% of Internet users will use mobile phones to watch Internet-related content, especially movie and video content. This is also The WeChat movie mini program has become a “potential market” in the film industry, so building a movie mini program platform can easily enter new platforms in the future film industry to develop and profit.

2. Easy income: Advertising earns income, so when it comes to this, many merchants are confused. Although it is a new blue ocean of content, how do they obtain income? In fact, the main purpose is to watch uploaded movies and users click into the mini program to watch the first few seconds of the movie’s advertisement, allowing merchants to easily earn revenue. And because the mini program does not need to be downloaded and does not occupy the user’s mobile phone memory, the probability of being selected to watch will increase. Greatly improve.

3. Movie peripherals: The mini program mall can finally use the user traffic entering the WeChat movie mini program to expand the sale of related movie peripheral products. After users finish watching the movie, they can enter the mini program to browse the movie peripheral products for direct purchase. Placing an order to purchase also allows merchants not only to earn revenue through movie advertising, but also to create new revenue through new service categories.

Finally, I would like to explain the development needs of WeChat movie applets. In fact, it arises more from the “convenience” that current users are constantly pursuing for various needs in life. The current economic market can only accurately Only by meeting the needs of users can merchants easily earn profits.

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