What is needed to register, develop and produce a mini program mall?

What is needed for mini program mall registration, development and production

Mini program mall development requires a business license. Although individual entities can also make mini programs, individual entities’ mini programs do not have transaction capabilities, and users cannot place orders within individual entities’ mini programs.

What is needed to register, develop and produce a mini program mall?
Mini program development

General business licenses are divided into individual business licenses and enterprise licenses. Registration for an individual business license is relatively simple, requiring only the legal person’s ID card and bank card information; registration for an enterprise license requires information related to a public account, official seal, and legal person’s ID card.

The login accounts for mini programs and public accounts are both email addresses, so two email addresses are required (why two? Please refer to the article: Operation skills hidden in registration when making mini programs). Note that these two email accounts cannot be bound to existing WeChat or official accounts and mini programs, but can be newly registered email addresses.

When registering, think about the name of the official account and mini program you are going to use. The names of official accounts and mini programs are unique within the WeChat system and cannot be duplicated with existing official accounts/mini programs. A good name can bring natural search traffic. In 2020, WeChat will focus on search, and in the search optimization of public accounts/mini programs, name is one of the important weight items.

During the entire registration process, the legal person’s WeChat is required to cooperate with the code scanning (the legal person’s WeChat needs to undergo real-name authentication and bind the legal person’s bank card). The QR codes here can only be scanned with WeChat and cannot be directly recognized. Therefore, at least Another device is needed to display the QR code for legal persons to scan on WeChat.

Certification is required when registering, the certification fee is 300 yuan, and certification is required once a year. Note that the registration process must be correct. First register and authenticate the official account, and then register the mini program. In this way, you can only authenticate once and only need one authentication fee. Otherwise, the mini program and the official account must be authenticated separately, and two authentication fees of 300 yuan x 2 are required. After all, you can save on unnecessary expenses when starting a business.

Finally, there is the development cost (the cost depends on your needs and the third-party developer you find).

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