Development of small program for door-to-door shopping and delivery in the same city

Development of small program for door-to-door shopping and delivery in the same city

The development of Internet e-commerce platforms has made the business of many physical stores increasingly sluggish. Should traditional supermarket stores develop their own online platforms? This has always been a question that many bosses have been thinking about.

Now, with the emergence of major distribution platforms, the combination of physical stores and e-commerce has become a trend. Now many physical enterprises such as Wal-Mart, China Resources Vanguard, RT-Mart and other giants have begun to deploy online and offline combined distribution businesses to form a new new retail model.

Especially for small and medium-sized cities and county areas, the number of people using the mobile Internet has increased significantly. Now you can see people playing with their mobile phones everywhere in the streets and alleys. It is much more convenient to place an order through a city shopping app than to go to the mall by yourself. The intra-city shopping and door-to-door delivery app is a very good entrepreneurial project.

Develop a home-delivery app for shopping in the same city, which can bring together merchants from all over the world on one app. Covering many areas such as takeout delivery, catering and food, fresh fruits and vegetables, supermarkets and convenience stores, local shopping malls, etc. It helps merchants quickly launch their own online platforms, and the platform provides door-to-door delivery services after users place orders. For users, they can quickly check the products in the city by opening the app. They can also filter by location, distance, user reviews, sales volume, etc., and use the app to view product details, making shopping more secure. After placing the order, it will be delivered to your door quickly, which is simple and saves time and trouble.

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