What issues need to be paid attention to when creating and developing mini programs?

Original title: What issues need to be paid attention to in the production and development of small programs?

There are countless mini program production companies, and each company uses different domain names and server providers. The code languages, templates, and self-developed systems used to produce mini programs are all different. The overall design of mini program production is better. This design refers to the code design of mini program production, which adopts the form of PHP+MySQL. Dedecms and WordPress, which are currently popular in website building, are all based on this open source program and have better compatibility. .

Rather, it refers to the design of the mini program production style. It does not need to follow the trend, but at least it should be simple and elegant, and will not become outdated easily.

It is better to have code designed by your own development team. When making mini programs, you must first pay attention to security. In the early years, many mini program makers used too many mini program templates, which resulted in too many loopholes and caused customers to be hooked on mini program production, causing serious damage.

Therefore, the security of the mini program production code must be done well. At the same time, the layout of the mini program production page must be reasonable, and the design must meet customer requirements and product needs.

What issues need to be paid attention to in the production and development of small programs?

Able to design relevant and characteristic pages that are consistent with this product or service. The theme is prominent, and the overall mini program production cannot be too similar to other mini program productions. There can be similarities, but there must be differences.

Moreover, it is recommended to use the more advanced Html5 responsive mini program production or adaptive mini program production for mini program production. Such trinity mini program production for computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. is more in line with future development trends and avoids the recurrence of backward mini program production in the present. page.

1. Mini program production and design are creative and distinctive. In the process of mini program production and development, mini program design plays an increasingly important role. A creative mini program production can always impress users and attract them. eyeball. Then force users to stay and then convert. The purpose of mini program production and development is to let users form a first impression, and then attract users to stay, so that users can be attracted in the first time and make users stop after the mini program is produced.

2. Reduce the similarity of small program production. Small program production and development are afraid of imitating other small programs. Never imitate other small programs just because they are good. In fact, imitating will lose its original characteristics. If you imitate small programs, you will lose your original characteristics. Program production and development are often seeking a dead end. Not only is this not conducive to the ranking of your own mini program production, but it also helps other mini program productions. This is actually not worth the gain, so it is recommended that mini program production and development should highlight its own characteristics.

3. The layout of mini program production must be reasonable. The columns of mini program production are also divided into primary and secondary. Lay out the main columns in the main position, that is, the place where users browse the mini program. This layout highlights the characteristics of mini program production and also Let users clarify the main business of mini program production. The layout of the mini program production includes the layout of the keywords of the mini program production, the layout of the column structure, etc. Keywords are generally laid out with two to three main keywords on the home page of the mini program production, and some are laid out on the second or third level column pages. Although long-tail keywords do not have as much traffic as the main keywords, if they are well laid out, they can also bring good traffic to mini program production.

4. To develop a small program with a distinct theme, we must clearly understand the purpose and significance of building a small program. The development of a small program is not to follow the trend, but to use the Internet to promote ourselves. Therefore, the production and development of small programs need to have a distinctive theme. Such small program production can be professional and excellent. In the process of production and development of small programs, if the production of small programs does not have any characteristics, it will be lost in the Internet market that is everywhere. Gradually being eliminated, in today’s society, there is no shortage of small program production, but professional and excellent small program production.

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