Cost before mini program development

Costs you need to know before developing small programs

Cost before mini program development

1. Function: Function is one of the important factors that affects the price of small program development.

Taking a catering applet as an example, the functions that can be implemented include: reservation, queuing, ordering, payment, takeout, etc. The more functions, the higher the cost, so the specific cost can only be determined after determining what functions you need.

2. Development methods: Mini program development methods can be divided into two categories, one is template development, and the other is customized development.

Template development is to directly apply industry templates, and then replace pictures, content, etc. based on the industry templates. Therefore, development is less difficult and time-consuming, so the price will be cheaper, about two to three thousand yuan. Customized development is to carry out independent development according to the needs of enterprises and merchants. Since each page and each function needs to be developed independently, the development is more difficult and time-consuming, so the price will be a little more expensive. Specifically Fees depend on demand and there is no fixed price.

3. Certification fee: Mini programs must be certified before they can be released. During certification, you need to pay a certification fee to Tencent officials. The certification fee is 300 yuan. However, if the company has applied to open a public account and has been certified by the company, there is no need to do it again. Pay the fee.

4. Server rental: Although the mini program is run based on WeChat, like the website, it also needs to configure a server. The cost of the server depends on its configuration and broadband.

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