• How about developing and customizing a grocery shopping app?

    Original title: How about developing and customizing a grocery shopping app? Nowadays, the pace of our lives is getting faster and faster. Many people have almost no time to buy food offline, so many people choose to buy food online. The purpose of developing and customizing the food shopping app is to solve the problem of users buying food online. Such needs. So what about developing and customizing a grocery shopping app? Here the editor will give you a brief analysis. Develop customized functions for grocery shopping app 1. Dishes…

  • What issues need to be paid attention to when developing shopping mini programs?

    Original title: What issues should be paid attention to when developing shopping mini programs? The mobile Internet is developing very well. With shopping anywhere, it has become a living habit of young people. More and more merchants are beginning to build mobile shopping platforms. As a shopping platform with low investment cost and multiple functions, WeChat mini program has attracted the attention of many merchants. Many merchants want to develop shopping mini programs, so shopping mini program development What issues need attention? 1. Precise positioning As a merchant, if you…

  • Development of small program for door-to-door shopping and delivery in the same city

    The development of Internet e-commerce platforms has made the business of many physical stores increasingly sluggish. Should traditional supermarket stores develop their own online platforms? This has always been a question that many bosses have been thinking about. Now, with the emergence of major distribution platforms, the combination of physical stores and e-commerce has become a trend. Now many physical enterprises such as Wal-Mart, China Resources Vanguard, RT-Mart and other giants have begun to deploy online and offline combined distribution businesses to form a new new retail model. Especially for…

  • How to fight the online-to-offline transformation war of shopping malls?

    New business formats in 2020: How to fight the online and offline transformation war of shopping malls? During the Spring Festival, offline shopping malls have always been a good place for everyone to spend money. However, this Spring Festival is a bit “cold”. So some people have turned the battlefield to channels such as WeChat groups, Moments, mini programs, and live streaming. For many businesses, the loss of the prime Spring Festival period that boosts sales has caused heavy losses due to the epidemic, and the long time to resume…