Why is mini program development always delayed?

Many customers don’t understand why mini program development is always delayed? If you think about it carefully, many problems can be avoided. If you figure out how to do it and what to do from the beginning, it will be done quickly and it won’t take that long. Let me share a little story with you. It’s just simple business and customer communication.

Why is mini program development always delayed?
Mini program development

January: Mini program development project approved

Customer: I want to make a mall applet. I have sent you the requirements. How long do you think it will take to complete the development?

Business: Okay, Mr. Li, delivery in one month. (development test)

Business: Mr. Li, the test version of the mini program has been sent to you. Please take a look.

Customer: This small program can only be used for vx payment. The function is a bit single.

Business: If you need other payment methods, additional fees will be incurred. (February: revised)

Business: Mr. Li, other payments have been accepted. Take a look.

Customer: I recently got a distribution model, please add it to it.

Business: Okay, Mr. Li, these new features require additional money. (March: Revised again)

Business: Mr. Li, the distribution model has been added. Take a look.

Customer: I thought about it carefully. Since I have made a Chinese version, I might as well make an English version as well.

Business: This was not mentioned before.

Client: It’s just a matter of translation. (April: New optimization)

Business: Mr. Li, the English version of the mini program is ready for you.

Customer: In this English version, the payment methods should include PayPal and Visa to facilitate foreign users.

Business: Hiss (clenched fists)

Customer: It took such a long time to complete such a simple small program, but your efficiency is too slow.

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