Develop small programs as early as possible

Original title: Develop small programs as early as possible

The search history of WeChat mini programs can make the mini programs rank higher. As long as you have searched for the full name of the keyword, you only need to enter the keyword next time, and the mini programs you have clicked will automatically be ranked first. It can be said to be a convenient service, so in advance Once the mini program is completed, users will have a better understanding of their products, which will make the ranking of the mini program higher.

Everyone should be able to think of the reason why WeChat mini programs should be developed as early as possible. For example, now to seize trademarks and registered names, the name is unique. The earlier it is developed, the higher the matching degree of the name. This is similar to the public account. Naming is very important. If the mini program may be involved in related businesses later, then relevant industry keywords should be added to the name of the mini program, so that it will be easier to be searched by users. Another thing to note is , if a well-known company does not develop its own mini program, it may be preempted by others, thus affecting the company’s income.

Develop small programs as early as possible

From a traffic perspective, mini programs are an iteration of the mobile Internet traffic pattern. Due to its light application nature, it not only complements the status quo of App information islands, but also surpasses the “transitional” light application H5 in terms of fluency and stability. Therefore, since this year, Baidu and Alipay have accelerated their entry into the market, ending WeChat’s dominance in this field.

Nowadays, it is found that many platforms have introduced the function of mini programs, some from the perspective of entertainment, and some from the perspective of functionality. Such decisions require very keen market predictions. However, each platform has different gameplay due to different genes.

To sum up, Baidu focuses on intelligence, WeChat relies on social networking, and Alipay focuses more on tool applications.

Develop small programs as early as possible

“The open source smart mini program platform gives every app the opportunity to build its own mini program ecosystem.” Chen Shan, senior technical director of iQiyi, told reporters.

It is understood that iQiyi developed mini program technology as early as October 2017. Client technology is not a problem, but the ecological construction of mini programs is difficult. “Baidu Intelligent Mini Program Open Source Alliance has a ready-made ecological platform.” This This is a huge attraction for iQiyi.

Back to the topic of WeChat mini program search, now mini programs can be found through the search box, that is, users can find mini programs directly through the search function of WeChat. Some companies that understand mini program operations will register dozens of mini programs. To occupy the ranking of search results, let all related keywords be searched for their own rankings. Although this method does allow users to see more of their own information, it will also make users very disgusted. After all, it is content now. When spreading, excessive screen dominance may be counterproductive.

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