What do you need to prepare to make software? How to find a satisfactory outsourcing company

In the current era of rapid development of the Internet, the software industry has developed at an unprecedented rate. Most companies are developing their own software. However, since most companies do not have technical teams, they can only Outsource software development.

What do you need to prepare to make software? How to find a satisfactory outsourcing company
Software development

Then, the first thing to consider is what preparation is needed to make software and how to find a satisfactory outsourcing company.

Let’s analyze: What preparations need to be made when making software, and how to find a satisfactory software outsourcing company:

1. Market research

When you want to realize a “great idea”, you must first know that it is just an “idea” at present. The first thing you need to do is to verify whether the “idea” is reliable. The specific method is to collect data. , go to the market, interview target users, understand their pain points and needs, and then think about whether after the “idea” is turned into a product, whether there will be users to use it and whether there will be customers to pay for it.

2. Software design

“Ideas” are floating in the air, but software design brings “ideas” back to the ground and is designed and packaged into “physical objects”. Software design is mainly based on product goals and user needs. It usually outputs a function list or presents the prototype of the software in the form of a prototype, including software framework, functional modules, operation descriptions, etc.

3. User experience design

After the software design is completed, UE designers can design interactive experiences. What is an interactive experience? In layman’s terms, it means to allow the software to better communicate with users and guide users to use the software. For example, when you log in to a website and click “Login” after entering your password, the website does not respond. No matter how you click, there is no response, and you will feel terrible. The situation after interactive experience design is this: when you click “Login”, the website prompts “The password is wrong, please enter the correct password.” At this time, you will re-enter the password and log in successfully.

4. User interface design

When the software design and interaction design are completed, the interface design will be carried out, that is, putting clothes on the product, and designing the original black and white prototype page into a page that is more in line with the user’s aesthetics and more recognizable. Usually, schematic diagrams and annotations need to be output. Pictures, icon resources, etc.

5. Programming

Programming can be started in parallel after the software is designed. After the UE and UI are designed, the corresponding new interface can be replaced to achieve the corresponding experience design.

6. Software testing

After the software development is completed, testers need to participate to check whether the software has been implemented correctly and find software errors. Testers are equivalent to software doctors. They can discover software ailments and promote medical treatment to ensure that software products can be released and used healthily and reduce the occurrence of problems.

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