What should companies pay attention to when developing and designing mini programs?

At present, small programs are widely welcomed by everyone due to their advantages such as low development cost, ready-to-scan and no need to download. In the future, mini programs will maintain a steady and positive development trend, and many companies with customization needs are turning to the development and design of mini programs. However, the vast majority of companies are not in the Internet industry and do not have a technical team themselves. To develop small programs, they can only choose outsourcing. After all, it is much more expensive to set up your own development team than to outsource.

What should companies pay attention to when developing and designing mini programs?
Mini program development

So, what should companies pay attention to when developing and designing small programs?

There are currently two common mini program development methods: template mini program development and customized mini program development. There is a fundamental difference in price between the two. The price of the template applet is relatively low, and the development effect is limited; while the customized development and design of the applet is relatively expensive, but the development effect is Not bad.

1. Choose template mini programs carefully

You need to understand that template mini programs are all developed and designed in advance. The template styles are the same and the functions are also developed in advance. The company only needs to apply for registration to automatically generate mini programs. However, such a small program has not undergone any planning and cannot reflect the advantages and characteristics of the company, and its actual effect is mediocre.

2. Don’t trust completely free mini programs

We all know that you get what you pay for when shopping, and WeChat mini programs are no exception. Some advertisements have slogans about developing mini programs for free or at low prices. Hongtaisheng Technology tells you that it is really impossible to develop a small program at a low price. Even if it can be purchased, the cost of such a small program will definitely be very high afterwards, and they will not allow merchants to buy one at such a cost-effective price. WeChat mini programs are also available for free trial.

3. Normal progress of mini program development

Template-type small programs usually take three to seven days to develop.

Simple customized small programs, the development progress is usually ten to thirty days

For advanced customized mini programs, the development progress is generally about one to three months.

Most companies will require software development service providers to complete the development of small programs within a short period of time, and repeatedly urge them. Although this will reduce the development progress, it will not ensure that a lot of work is in place, causing many small programs to fail. problems at the level. Therefore, software development service providers must be given ample development time to ensure that every key point is perfected.

4. Post-service services from software development service providers

The post-sales service of software development is one of the important links in the development and design of small programs. Various problems may occur during the later use of small programs, so after-sales service is very important. Good service maintenance will be of great help to the subsequent use of small programs, but the services of different software developers also vary greatly. Therefore, it is necessary to find a company with good after-sales service to cooperate. The company’s service attitude can be seen by communicating with technical personnel based on consultation questions.

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