WeChat Mini Program Promotion Methods: Introduction to Common Mini Program Promotion Fission Techniques

5 promotion techniques for mini programs to increase your traffic in minutes

For all businesses, the most important thing is traffic-users-conversion-profit. With the rapid development of the Internet, competition has become increasingly fierce. Whether it is offline stores or online markets, the cost of acquiring customers is getting higher and higher. How to quickly obtain traffic and realize product monetization has become one of the most troublesome problems for merchants and enterprises.

Today let’s talk about WeChat mini program promotion methods: an introduction to five common fission techniques for mini program promotion

WeChat Mini Program Promotion Method
WeChat Mini Program Promotion Method

1. Distribution realizes traffic fission

Mini programs have 900 million users on WeChat, a large social platform, with high daily activity. The distribution fission model of mini programs means that if the products shared by users are sold, they will receive commissions. Driven by interests, we promote users to automatically share, stimulate more consumers to actively share, and achieve sharing fission, thereby achieving traffic fission.

2. Group buying and bargaining are effective tools to attract new users

Group buying and bargaining are one of the most commonly used marketing methods by merchants nowadays. Users complete the consumption behavior of group buying and bargaining through social sharing, and purchase goods at low prices. Users not only get benefits, but also attract traffic and customers to the platform. One of the main factors behind Pinduoduo’s rapid development and success in a short period of time is that it has become a node of communication through group buying, haggling and other low-price purchasing methods, spreading the word to their relatives and friends, who will then share it with more people. Circle, realize fission communication and attract more new customers.

3. Open and save

Mini programs are derived from WeChat, a powerful social platform. In other words, WeChat is the nurturing place of 900 million mini programs traffic. Just opening WeChat is equivalent to opening a mini program. As long as the user opens a certain mini program, the mini program will remain in the user’s WeChat. WeChat has also set up a floating window function. When the floating window is turned on, the mini program will stay on the WeChat interface, which undoubtedly improves the opening rate of users. Official data shows that there are more than 70 ways to open mini programs. In addition to code scanning, search, history, etc., there are also nearby mini program recommendations, APP jumps, official account related entrances, advertising promotions, etc. The more open entrances to mini programs, the richer the channels for traffic to enter, making them almost pervasive. Once opened, it will remain in WeChat, which also increases the retention rate.

4. Fission in the circle of friends

There are three main methods of fission in Moments: poster sharing, Moments collecting likes and prizes, and article sharing. Adding the mini program code to the article for sharing is equivalent to the mini program being shared to the circle of friends. Share the poster with the mini program code to your circle of friends. As long as someone scans the code and then confirms it, you can get a new user. Collecting likes in the circle of friends is a classic old-fashioned method of fission marketing strategy. Put the mini program code in the circle of friends and collect a certain number of likes to receive the prize, thereby achieving fission communication.

5. Event marketing achieves fission

Social networking + e-commerce + marketing is the smoothest business model for mini program traffic monetization. You only need to plan effective activities and combine offline publicity and promotion, public account tweets, mini program pop-ups, live broadcast traffic, and sharing in friends circles through mini programs. Social sharing, publicity and promotion through other channels, etc. can achieve the dual fission of traffic and conversion.

As the cost of acquiring customers is getting higher and higher, mini programs have a high dissemination rate, instant feedback, low acquisition costs, and high conversion rates. From online marketing methods to store operations, they have brought new development opportunities to corporate merchants.

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