Sharing system development-How can sharing shareholders avoid financial disputes?

Dear bosses, after cooperating with shared shareholders, how should we ensure that our accounts are transparent and there are no financial disputes?

Sharing system development-How can sharing shareholders avoid financial disputes?
Shared shareholders

After all, if a shared shareholder shares its own customer base and the profits generated after consumption in your store, the shared shareholder will be very concerned about it. How do I know if my customers are here?

What if you didn’t tell me or give me the money? And what items did my friend spend here? I don’t know if you will miscalculate the money for me? He would like to know all these questions.

The above problems can be easily solved through the shared store system. You can send invitation links or coupons to your friends through the mini program system. After she clicks in, she will be automatically bound to you. Then all purchases in the store will be made online. She only needs to go to the store to make purchases. Once you place an order, the corresponding commission will be automatically deducted from your account.

And this binding relationship is permanent, that is to say, after this, every time she goes to the store to make a purchase, the commission will be automatically transferred to your card, so you don’t have to worry about miscalculating the money or being used as a customer by others. ?

The above technology introduces how to avoid disputes when working with shared shareholders.

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