Why does the home decoration industry develop small programs?

Original title: Why does the home decoration industry develop small programs

The latest Internet data shows that the combined number of monthly active accounts of WeChat and WeChat has reached 1.2025 billion, and mini program users have also grown rapidly, with the number of daily active accounts exceeding 400 million.

For the traditional home decoration industry, the main purpose of developing WeChat mini programs is to promote main traffic. To attract limited customers to the store to negotiate transactions, a large amount of promotion is required.

Why does the home decoration industry develop small programs?

Why does the home decoration industry develop mini programs? What conveniences will the use of mini programs bring to the home decoration industry?

1. Increase store visibility: As we all know, mini programs have very practical functions. By clicking on the nearby mini program function, users can see the nearby store mini programs within five kilometers. This is actually a free promotion method that can help home improvement mini programs increase sales while increasing their popularity.

2. Good user experience: Compared with mobile APPs, small programs generally do not need to be downloaded and have the characteristics of being ready to use. Therefore, it is very convenient for users to use, and the cost of producing and developing small programs is not too high. If the needs are special, you can also find an outsourcing company to customize them.

3. Reduce time costs: When developing WeChat applet, develop a practical appointment function, which not only saves users’ time, but also leaves time for home improvement merchants to prepare.

4. Increase the transaction rate: When many users do not understand the home decoration industry, they will choose to collect relevant information online. Some WeChat mini programs in the home decoration industry are also important channels for users to obtain information. Home decoration companies make WeChat mini programs to improve the professionalism and practicality of articles, attract users to click and view, and then embed mini programs into articles, which can greatly increase user access rates.

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