How to develop a small program used by a flower shop?

Original title: How to develop a small program for flower shops?

Nowadays, more and more people like to decorate their rooms with flowers. After all, life requires a sense of ritual. Flowers are more vital than fake flowers, adding or subtracting some vitality to the room and life. And with the improvement of economic level, more and more people People like to buy flowers, some for decoration, and some just because they like it. However, it often takes a certain amount of time to buy bouquets in life. In order to provide convenience to offline users, flower shops need a flower booking service. The program appears in people’s lives, and users can obtain flower service information on the platform, making it convenient and fast for users to order flowers.

How to develop small programs used by flower shops?

Benefits of flower shop booking app:

1. It is convenient for users to check flower shop information: If users want to book flowers in their daily life, they need to check the shop service information in advance. The flower booking applet can also meet the relevant needs of users. Users can check flower information on the platform, which will provide users with It lays the foundation for purchasing behavior. In addition, the platform will also search for surrounding stores based on user location information to provide users with convenience.

2. Support users to complete flower reservations: If users want to create surprises in their lives, it is essential to book flowers in advance. The flower applet supports users to complete flower reservations online. Once the user’s reservation is successful, the merchant will also book flowers at the designated time. Deliver flowers to your doorstep to help users save time.

The main functions of the flower shop booking applet:

1. Flower information display: Sometimes there are certain differences in the flowers purchased on different occasions. In order to facilitate users to gain an in-depth understanding of relevant knowledge, the mini program will provide users with various flower information.

2. Recommendation of flower shops: Generally, users will choose nearby stores to complete reservation services. Therefore, the mini program will recommend nearby shops based on the user’s location information to help users save time.

3. Users order flowers: Once the user selects a flower store, the flower reservation service can be completed. The user can select the corresponding flower specifications online to complete the reservation service.

4. User online payment: After completing relevant transactions on the platform, users can pay fees online. The mini program supports users to use WeChat wallet, Alipay, etc. to pay fees online.

Nowadays, all walks of life can develop their own mini programs, because this can not only help consumers browse the latest products more conveniently, but also help merchants provide better services and performance.

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