What are the advantages of Shanghai live broadcast mini program development?

Original title: What are the advantages of Lanzhou live broadcast mini program development

The development of live broadcast mini programs has been one of the more popular fields since the emergence of mini programs. When WeChat mini programs were first launched, live broadcast programs were prohibited. However, with the development of WeChat mini programs, the services and functions provided need to be continuously opened. Attract more users to develop and use.

With the powerful functions of WeChat mini programs, many companies not in the live broadcast field have also seen its potential and operated by developing live broadcast mini programs.

Just like the Mogujie shopping live broadcast mini program, e-commerce live broadcasts give full play to their own advantages, allowing users to watch live broadcasts and shop at the same time. Use mini programs to attract new users and make full use of the advantages of mini programs. So what are the advantages of developing live broadcast mini programs?

Convenient and fast

Users do not need to download any App to watch the live broadcast, which reduces the limitation of mobile phone space storage. Moreover, users can launch it immediately, advancing and retreating at any time, which is a preferred way of use by young people and is more in line with the concepts of young modern users.

Platform Advantages

WeChat has a huge user base and is a good traffic platform. Based on users’ usage habits of WeChat, live broadcast mini programs can well cater to users’ usage habits. Just like users like to spend time on WeChat public, mini programs can also be used as a good platform to carry users’ time.

What are the advantages of Shanghai live broadcast mini program development?


The cost required for the development of live broadcast mini programs is relatively low, whether it is operating costs or development costs, compared to Apps. Moreover, the cost of promoting small programs will be relatively easy, and it will be easier to attract more users’ attention.

Function implementation

With the openness of the functions of the mini program, it will replace many functions on the App. It can not only realize the functions on the App, but also make the operation simpler and the response faster and faster. Live replay, live interaction, etc. can all be realized on mini programs. The development of live broadcast mini programs can increase product exposure, increase relationships with consumers, and improve business efficiency.

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