Functions developed by second-hand trading applet

Original title: Functions of second-hand trading applet development

In recent years, the second-hand trading market has attracted more and more attention. More and more second-hand shopping needs have emerged, which has also created huge supply and potential space for the second-hand trading market. The scale of idle item transactions is growing rapidly, and it has also created a huge space for second-hand trading. To provide support for the service needs, the development of second-hand transaction applet can help people buy their favorite items at very low prices, achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and reduce the waste of resources.

Functions developed by second-hand trading applet

Functions of the second-hand trading applet:

1: Register and log in

The second-hand trading mini program is equipped with multiple registration and login entrances. Users can choose their own convenient entrance to log in through the mini program. Registration is quick and convenient, and they can also directly authorize login through WeChat.

2: Check-in platform

Users can check in online through the mini program, change from buyers to sellers, and realize the joint operation of buying and selling accounts, allowing users to purchase goods online and sell idle items online, increasing the influence of the second-hand transaction mini program.

3: Positioning and navigation

The second-hand trading platform is equipped with a positioning function. Users can set up positioning navigation through the mini program. Users can use the navigation to learn about nearby second-hand transactions without having to look far away. It can also allow buyers and sellers of second-hand transactions to realize online transactions and offline pickup through navigation. Convenient and fast

4: Personal center

Users can learn about the products they purchase and sell through the personal center, and can also learn about orders, logistics, etc. and conduct real-time online inquiries.

In this era of oversupply, everyone has idle items. It can be seen that the user group of the second-hand trading market is huge. The development of second-hand trading app is also in line with the development of the times. How can we gain a foothold in the second-hand trading market? Only by coming up with new models can we Bringing new business opportunities, the development of second-hand trading applet is one of them.

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