Shanghai Software Development Company-What work is required for software development and what is the process?

What should you know when developing and customizing software?

If you want to develop a commercial operation software system, you need a development company to provide you with model planning, industry positioning, and product functions.

The following will take you through what work is required for software development, so that you can be more fully prepared before starting a project.

Shanghai Software Development Company-What work is required for software development and what is the process?
Software development

1. Page design:

Our company has professional visual designers and an experienced technical R&D team, and launches various software APP production plans with different styles. We can also provide customized solutions based on the specific function types of your software. Your customized page design.

2. Program development:

All handwritten code, never using templates, using a framework development model, which is conducive to website optimization, and the background operation is simple, making it easy for customers to update information. Use DIV+CSS layout to make the website more conducive to search engines, make the website equipped with SEO functions, let the website fully realize its potential value, and bring you performance. Provide you with complete website development services.

3. Cooperation development process:

Commitment: To ensure that the software achieves the results you need, we will strictly follow the development process.

1. Communication needs

Confirm the positioning and concept, analyze the product, subdivide the demand function points, and form a mind map and module quotation.

2. Confidentiality Agreement

Guarantee the privacy of development and protect corporate creativity from leakage.

3. Prototype design

Function and page layout planning simulates user usage scenarios for interactive design.

4.UI design

Interface color matching, design creation, product style, function and demand confirmation, input UI design drawings, and sign a design confirmation letter.

5. Project development

Formal programs are formed through programming languages ​​to realize functions and establish high-concurrency and high-stability system architecture.

6. Project testing I

Unit testing, real-time feedback, repair of programming loopholes, and improvement of the overall operating logic.

7. Project Test II

Confirm acceptance and correct product deployment multiple times.

8. Project handover

Transfer of source code, development documents and other materials.

9. Complete delivery

The project is completed and online.

10. Operation and maintenance

Project operation, maintenance and after-sales service.

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