WeChat distribution system development: What are the distribution forms of the WeChat distribution platform?

WeChat Distribution System is a distribution mall based on the WeChat official account. The market on WeChat is huge. The WeChat distribution system can achieve overtaking in corners, quickly establish a brand and sell products. WeChat distribution system In the context of social e-commerce, the micro distribution system platform is developed based on WeChat and specifically provides merchants and enterprises with online and offline integrated malls, chain store malls, and WeChat distribution platforms to help merchants increase sales and quickly connect users and Pink converts to distributor.

New Mileage Technology is a professional WeChat distribution system development company. Today we will talk about: What are the distribution forms of the WeChat distribution platform?

WeChat distribution system development: What are the distribution forms of the WeChat distribution platform?

What are the distribution forms of WeChat distribution platform

WeChat mini program distribution platform development

Nowadays, the development of WeChat mini programs is getting better and better. Many softwares and many mini games, private accounts or shopping malls, etc., can all use WeChat mini programs because they are easier to use and faster to collect and launch. Therefore, it has become a good distribution system for micro-business distribution platforms.

Development of live streaming shopping distribution platform

Everyone must be familiar with the word live broadcast, because now there are not only live broadcasts of beautiful Internet celebrities, but also many live broadcasts of games, including now shopping has also added live broadcasts. In the live broadcast room, we can launch our products and perform live broadcasts. Selling occasionally with discounts or events is also a very good distribution system.

APP mall distribution platform development

The app mall is a distribution system that existed when the Internet first emerged, but now the new app mall can be composed of three-level distribution, plus suppliers and other modules, making your app mall unique and more Easy to promote, this is also a shining point among many WeChat distribution platforms.

What are the main functions of WeChat distribution?

WeChat distribution system development
WeChat distribution system development

Points redemption function

You can set users to get points after purchasing items in the mall, or get points through promotion, and these points can be directly redeemed for gifts. This function can retain old customers well and let old customers promote you.

Online payment function

Since it is an online mall, it must have an online payment function, otherwise how will users pay for purchases. Mall systems generally support multiple payment methods, which prevents you from losing customers due to lack of payment methods.

Distribution commission function

You can set a separate commission for each product in the mall. After the distributor promotes the product and sells it, the commission will be automatically transferred to the distributor’s account, which can stimulate the distributor to promote and sell products for you.

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