• Advantages of smart home applets

    The home furnishing industry is a special industry. In recent years, with the emergence of smart homes, virtual reality, and other products, the main marketing method of the home furnishing industry that combines the Internet, WeChat mini programs are used as a marketing method in cable lines. There is no doubt that it has become the optimization target of the home furnishing industry, and the home furnishing industry can also provide users with a more convenient shopping experience through a small program. Through the o2o marketing entity, we provide offline…

  • Shanghai APP development: What does smart home APP development solve?

    Chengdu APP development: What solutions does smart home APP development solve As one of the hot concepts in the current market, intelligence has attracted the attention of all enterprises. At the same time, various smart products have emerged. Smart wear, smart lighting, smart home appliances, smart medical care, smart kitchenware, smart security, etc. have penetrated into us from all aspects. life. We have probably also discovered that almost all smart products are built around life services, and home, as a place where we spend most of our daily life, allows…

  • What functions are needed to develop a decoration APP and how much does it cost?

    As people’s material lives improve, people’s requirements for living environment are gradually increasing, and home, as our harbor of happiness, is often highly valued. People design a home in their favorite style through decoration. This has also led to a steady increase in decoration demand. With the development of Internet+ in recent years, the decoration industry has also moved from offline to online. In this case, what functions are needed to develop a decoration APP? How much does it cost? 1. Decoration APP development functions: 1. Home page display: Through…

  • What functions should smart home APP development have?

    What functions should smart home APP development have? Nowadays, many home products can be remotely controlled using mobile APPs. The mobile APP is equivalent to a universal remote control at home. It unifies the various settings of the furniture. Whether at home or away, you only need to touch the relevant navigation buttons on the APP application or control the hardware through voice control, and select the APP interface. Timing can be used to remotely time the hardware. The development of smart homeAPP realizes the role of a bridge between…

  • Market analysis of smart home app development prospects!

    Market analysis of smart home app development prospects! With the development of modern technology and the Internet, smart homes have become the mainstream of family life. For example, the emergence of sweeping robots, smart electronic scales, and smart Bluetooth audio can realize remote control, smart weighing, and smart listening to music through mobile phone APP connections, which greatly facilitates people’s lives. If a company wants to develop a smart home APP, what functions should it consider implementing? 1. Device control: In fact, smart home mainly controls operations through mobile phone…