What are the development methods for Douyin mini programs?

Original title: What are the development methods for Douyin mini programs?

With the birth of the Douyin mini program, many people want to create a Douyin mini program in order to achieve better product conversion on Douyin. But they are worried that the Douyin mini program is too expensive. This is a misunderstanding.

In fact, the development of Douyin mini programs is very similar to the development of WeChat mini programs, and the development methods are also divided into several types. You only need to choose according to your own budget and needs.

Today I will share with you what are the development methods of Douyin mini program?

What are the development methods for Douyin mini programs?

1. Recruiting personnel to build a team

This method generally requires recruiting product managers, UI designers, front-end engineers, back-end engineers and other personnel, and the development cycle ranges from a few weeks to a few months. Consumption costs are tied to local wages but remain generally high. After all, screening resumes, interviewing, etc. requires a lot of manpower and time. This development method is mainly suitable for large enterprises. If you do not have enough budget, this method is not recommended.

2. Find an outsourcing company for development

This is to find a third-party outsourcing company or team for development, and the other party only needs to customize and develop the small program according to your needs. This type of development approach is also relatively expensive, typically ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands depending on the complexity of the feature. In addition to development, post-maintenance is also a problem. So, are small programs expensive to maintain? The answer is yes, after all, every time you change a feature, you have to go through the outsourced team and pay a fee. This approach also works well for larger enterprises with complex needs.

3. Use third-party platform template development

This method is more suitable for individuals or businesses with small budgets and weak technical knowledge. There are many third-party mini program creation tools on the market, and these platforms provide users with mini application templates. Users can choose the template they want to build. This method saves time and effort, and is friendly to novices. The most important thing is that the cost is relatively low. This production method basically does not require any mini program maintenance costs. Whether it is bug fixing, function upgrades, program optimization, etc., it is all solved through the third-party mini program platform, which is very convenient for users.

4. Own source code development

This production method is the lowest cost, but you need to understand the code. The specific method is to download Douyin’s official development tools and develop under the guidance of official documents. Or the outsourcing team purchases codes that comply with Douyin specifications, and then adjusts the required mini programs based on the codes. Generally speaking, it is not suitable for beginners, only for experienced programmers.

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