Mini program mall development costs: How much does it cost to build a mini program mall?

Among the many types of mini programs, mall mini program development is the most popular for many merchants, because a mall program allows consumers to shop anytime and anywhere without downloading an APP. Mini program mall, mall mini program is a relatively new mixture (mini program + mall), with lower transaction costs, convenient operation, diversified traffic sources, higher user penetration rate, rich functions, perfect shopping process, and rich marketing activities , user traffic guidance links online and offline, there are many types of mini program interfaces, and the mini program traffic conversion range is wide, covering all WeChat users. These are its advantages.

We are a professional Mini Program Mall Development company. Today we will talk to you about the cost of Mini Program Mall development: Do How much does a mini program mall cost? For more information on mini program development, please contact our customer service

Mini Program Mall Development Cost
Mini Program Mall Development Cost

1. Types of mall mini-programs

The development of mall mini-programs can be roughly divided into: B2C mall mini-programs, B2B mall mini-programs and O2O mall mini-programs. The audiences of the three mall mini-programs are different, so the role interface design and functions that need to be considered in mini program development will be inconsistent. This also affects the price of mall applet development.

2. Functions of the mall applet

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and the same is true in the field of small program development in shopping malls. If you simply develop a small program that can publish products and users can purchase them online, the cost will be up to 20,000 yuan. The simpler the functional requirements, the faster the development speed, and the lower the labor cost required.

However, if you want to develop a relatively effective e-commerce mall applet software, you need many professional functional modules, such as member management, merchant entry, event marketing, order management, takeout delivery, etc. The more functions, the more professional fields involved. The more, the more effort developers need to invest, and the higher the natural cost.

3. Choose mini program mall customization or template

Today, the development of mini program mall systems can be divided into two types. One is the development of ready-made templates, which do not require development and design. Merchants can apply them directly. The disadvantage is that designing a single template is easy to repeat, and the functions are relatively solid. The other is a custom-developed mall applet. A small program mall system is developed from scratch according to the needs of the enterprise. The functional requirements can be adjusted according to the customer. It is highly flexible. The disadvantage is that the development cycle is long and the price is expensive.

So for early-stage entrepreneurs, when resources and funds are relatively limited, outsourcing development is a more realistic choice. On the one hand, it can save development costs, and on the other hand, it can also ensure the development cycle.

The development cost of a template mini program mall ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands, and the development cost of a customized mini program mall ranges from tens to hundreds of thousands. The price is calculated based on demand.

For more information on mini program development, please contact our customer service

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