Why choose to develop small programs in the transformation of the traditional flower industry?

Why does the flower industry choose to develop mini programs?

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the impact on the offline physical market is very large. For the traditional flower market, looking at it from another perspective, it is undoubtedly accelerating the road to transformation. Therefore, many small and medium-sized sellers in the traditional flower industry have begun to choose to develop Mini programs are used as a platform for transformation, so why choose mini programs? Instead of choosing other platforms?

Why choose to develop small programs in the transformation of the traditional flower industry?
WeChat Mini Program

1. Digitalization: Yes, it is digitalization. It is very necessary for flower stores to accelerate their transformation into digital management, and the mini program platform can be implemented. Can traditional flower stores only rely on offline or e-commerce platforms for sales? The digital and diversified display forms in mini programs, such as live streaming and online shopping malls, have undoubtedly increased sales channels for merchants, and allow merchants to manage orders from different channels and store management through the backend. One of the reasons why digitalization can improve work efficiency.

2. Added value: In traditional flower stores, is flower selling the only service form? Even if the boss adds services such as coffee drinking and flower arrangement, it will be difficult to introduce the corresponding customer sources again. However, the mini program platform can provide added value such as flower arrangement courses to corresponding users online. services, and because relevant demand scenarios can be constructed, it is easy to achieve consumption upgrades. This is a value-added service.

3. Big data: The important reason why we talk about big data here is that the key to the transformation of the traditional flower industry is not only digital management, but also “valuable” big data. Basically, no powerful company can do this now. If you ignore your own user data, the relevant data that can be queried through the mini program management platform can better collect order sales data, user purchase data, user data, etc. Merchants can analyze and optimize their own products and services to achieve The effect of “accurate” conversion.

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