What functions should be included in developing a bus query applet?

What functions should be included in the development of the bus query applet

With the continuous development of society and the Internet, taking the bus is one of our travel tools. Before we take the bus, we usually check our travel route and how long it will take for the bus we want to take to arrive at the site. Generally, we You can use the bus inquiry app to check these.

So what functions should be included in developing a bus query applet?

What functions should be included in developing a bus query applet?
Mini program development

1. Positioning query

After opening the mobile phone positioning and entering the bus query applet, the platform will search for nearby stations and platform vehicle information for the user. The platform will also display several buses closer to the platform to facilitate users to take the bus in time. In addition, users can also Specific bus vehicles can be queried online, and the query results will include the estimated arrival time of the vehicle at the station and the real-time travel status of the bus.

2. Bus route inquiry

When the user opens the mini program and enters the bus route number in the mini program, the real-time location and departure information of the vehicles running on the route will be displayed. Users can freely select the waiting station based on the information. You can also switch the driving direction with one click.

Bus stop inquiry

When the user enters the station information in the mini program, the information of all nearby bus lines passing through the station and the bus information arriving at the station will be displayed.

3. Query bus arrival time

The reservation of the bus arrival time is to better serve the current user’s inquiry about the bus. The user only needs to be at a certain station. The mini program can realize the positioning function of the user and display the estimated arrival time of other buses for the user. Plan bus times and schedule.

4. Automatically refresh route function

When users check a specific bus route, they can refresh the bus route at any time, allowing users to know the bus congestion situation at any time. In addition, in case of bad weather, some buses will be suspended. You can check the suspension through the bus query applet. bus and transfer to the bus.

5. City switching query

The bus inquiry applet provides a multi-city switching inquiry function, achieving comprehensive coverage, simple and convenient.

6. Tips for getting off the car

When the bus immediately arrives at the corresponding stop where the user wants to get off, the mini program will provide the user with an arrival prompt to prevent the user from missing the stop.

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