What functions does the kindergarten applet have?

With the second-child bonus and the urgent need for early childhood education to upgrade, the kindergarten market is booming year by year, attracting more and more venture investors to enter the early childhood education circle. Many kindergartens of different sizes have also been added to the market, providing parents of young children with more opportunities. Come to more and more admission options.

What functions does the kindergarten applet have?
Mini program development

What are the functions of developing a kindergarten applet?

Function of early education applet development:

1. Early childhood education video push

The early childhood education app can provide a variety of early education videos on children’s learning and growth methods, help children better shape their hobbies or reading habits, etc. The diversification of video types can enhance the overall user experience of users.

2. Online presentation of children’s books

Relevant children’s books will be developed and displayed to users through the early childhood education app, including some moral stories suitable for children, comics, magazines, etc. Various children’s books can better integrate children’s reading habits and provide them with what they need. Reader information to achieve free reading.

3. Predetermined role of early education teachers

Parents can learn about early education teachers through the mini program platform, and choose to communicate and make reservations online by obtaining basic information about early education teachers as a reference.

4. Early education information consultation and push

For today’s many parents who need to know early education information, browsing through mobile devices can make full use of entertainment-oriented time. At the same time, real-time information push can help parents expand the professional content of early education and master more early education methods.

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