Community group buying mini program development

Original title: Community Group Buying Mini Program Development

Today, mini programs have become a red ocean for offline development performance and channel expansion. Because of their low development costs, short delivery cycles, and flexible operations, they are favored by many small and medium-sized business owners, especially those with stores.

The community group buying mini program is a new way of mini program that combines new retail and fresh products. It uses the mini program as a platform and targets community residents to truly achieve precise consumption and precise positioning.

So what are the advantages of community group buying mini programs?

Community Group Buying Mini Program Development

The community group buying mini-program system can be said to be a brand-new group buying model. The platform provides corresponding products in a unified manner and radiates community users through community leaders.

After community users place an order in the mini program, the platform can deliver the goods directly to the user, or the user can pick it up from the group leader. The platform passes [pre-sale + group buying], and group buying is done to ensure sales.

production, reduce losses and costs, and users can get real benefits.

The gameplay of community group buying is: the group leader starts a group, and people who also want to buy this product join the group. After success, they can go to the store nearest to their home to pick up the goods themselves, which not only reduces logistics costs and packaging costs, but also enables fission. , and at the same time, it can also allow customers to reduce purchase costs, which is the advantage of the community group buying mini program.

For traditional stores, the maintenance cost of shelves in the store accounts for a large part. On the one hand, some products are difficult to save due to time issues;

On the other hand, empty shelves, delayed restocking, or out-of-stock items will also affect the store’s image.

The emergence of community group buying mini programs can make up for this shortcoming.

Community groups are different. The people in the group are the relationship between sellers and buyers. If buyers think the experience is good, they can also bring people into the group to share or make secondary purchases.

Therefore, it can be said that community groups are the most valuable traffic source in WeChat.

It can be said that the community group buying mini program is a comprehensive system created for the majority of merchants to connect online and offline and achieve simultaneous online and offline operations. The cost is

Low, very suitable for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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