What are the development functions of the agricultural product mall system?

With the development of the Internet, China’s agricultural structure has also been adjusted, and many farmers have sold online. Traditional agriculture also needs to be transferred to mobile phones, expand the online development market, and add new channels and models for agricultural income.

What are the development functions of the agricultural product mall system?
Agricultural products mall

Today I will explain to you what are the development functions of the agricultural products mall system.

1. Search function: The search function is one of the basic functional sections of the agricultural product mall. It can help people search for the agricultural products they need, and can also recommend popular products to users through the search box function.

2. Page display: homepage banner picture, hot-selling product display, promotional product display, coupon rush, and functional navigation bar entrance.

3. Product display: product display, hot-selling product display, promotional product display, coupon snap-up, group shopping, flash sale function.

4. Place an order in the mall: Add the product to the shopping cart, select the delivery address and contact person, place an order directly online and pay via Alipay or WeChat.

5. Online customer service: Through the online customer service function of the mall, you can communicate with merchants and learn more about product attributes and prices.

6. Personal center: The personal center includes basic personal information, account passwords, coupons, orders, wallets, logistics inquiries and personal browsing records.

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