What are the benefits of WeChat mini program development for physical stores? What difficulties can mini programs solve for physical stores?

How big an impact will mini programs have on physical stores?

In such a fiercely competitive environment, companies must find breakthroughs to survive. Compared with the centralized retail format of traditional e-commerce layout, decentralized new retail is an inevitable trend for small and medium-sized merchants. Mini programs are the key to decentralized new retail.

What I want to share with you today is what are the benefits of small program development for physical stores? What difficulties can mini programs solve for physical stores?

How big an impact do mini programs have on physical stores?

Mini programs can be built as an entrance to offline + online payment, membership marketing, and shopping guides, and behind them are back-end systems such as portal management, supply chain support, and visual report support provided by Enterprise WeChat.

What are the difficulties of traditional physical stores?

1. The service scope of physical stores is limited

Traditional physical stores are limited to the scope of their own products and services. General stores can only serve customers within a radius of 500 meters. How to increase store visibility and increase the service radius of physical stores is a bottleneck that every store owner must face!

2. The customer belongs to the store, but not to the store

The business of most stores is a one-time deal. Without the awareness and methods of customer protection, there is really no stickiness at all. It can be said that every customer who comes to the store belongs to the location, not the store itself. It is unpredictable when and whether this customer will come again.

3. The operating costs of physical stores continue to rise

As we all know, the two biggest operating costs of a physical store are rent and labor. When costs are relatively fixed, we can only work hard on providing services and adding new customers. How to attract customers is the key to reducing costs and improving performance!

4. Physical store e-commerce has a strong impact

Needless to say this point, I believe every store owner has a deep understanding of it.

What difficulties can mini programs solve for physical stores?

What difficulties do mini programs solve for physical stores?
What difficulties do mini programs solve for physical stores?

1. Online traffic through mini programs

Mini programs now have many entrances: QR code scanning, WeChat search keywords, WeChat group sharing, friends chat sharing, public account association, etc. Merchants can display the content they want to deliver, product information, and services provided in a variety of ways; they can even sell goods, book services, pay for services, etc. through mini program malls. With mini programs backed by WeChat’s 1 billion monthly user traffic, stores will surely be able to obtain more customer resources through the development and operation of mini programs.

2. Offline application scenarios trigger “instant” services

With the QR code as the main entrance, users scan it through WeChat to enter the mini program. Enjoy “instant” service anytime and anywhere, eliminating the complicated “downloading”, “installation”, “registration” and other steps of mobile software such as APP. In this way, more users will experience entering the mini program through different service scenarios, allowing users to easily experience the services and products provided by the company offline.

3. Members & fans jointly realize “sticky” service

The purpose of developing WeChat mini programs is to be “light and simple” and “just use it and go”. For corporate brands, they can use their own membership systems or self-operated public accounts to use the message push function in the system and the “use and go” service of mini programs to carry out secondary development of fans and members. , while increasing user stickiness and creating more business value.

4. Nearby mini programs to capture more customers

The mini program has been online for more than a year, but it has been frequently launching greater open permissions and new highlight functions, constantly opening more ports, and pushing the mini program to the forefront. Among them, the nearby mini program function is especially suitable for offline physical stores. People within 5 kilometers can search for your mini program through the nearby mini program. This kind of traffic within 5 kilometers nearby is unlimited and should not be underestimated. It can attract people unintentionally. More users discover you, creating more marketing opportunities.

Summary: Mini Program is a set of tools that are beneficial to physical stores. It is a switch. A store with its own Mini Program means opening the entrance to 1.2 billion WeChat traffic. The emergence of WeChat has completely changed people’s lives. WeChat’s coverage rate exceeds 90% among mobile phone users. Among all mobile applications, WeChat accounts for 50% of users’ time. Today, WeChat’s active users have quickly reached 1.2 billion. Therefore, if we can seize the user consumption opportunities on the mobile side, it will become a key channel for the rapid growth of physical store sales.

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