• How to operate WeChat mini programs to increase product profit margins?

    How to operate mini programs to increase product profit margins? In the economic market, there is the impact of soaring prices. Both suppliers and merchants feel that it is becoming increasingly difficult to make money. Moreover, the rapid development of online shopping has also made the profit margins of market products shrink again, and As a physical store or an offline traditional enterprise, the key to growth is not only to expand the scope of investment, but more importantly, to integrate online and offline sales models. Therefore, WeChat mini programs…

  • What are the main functions of e-commerce ERP system development? How much does that cost?

    In recent years, e-commerce software has emerged one after another, which not only facilitates users to purchase goods online, but also promotes the development of the offline industry. For online stores, operating stores often requires certain auxiliary tools, so the development of e-commerce ERP systems has emerged. In people’s lives, it is convenient for merchants to manage product inventory online, and they can also plan product purchase targets based on product sales, bringing convenience to people’s lives. 1. What are the main functions of e-commerce ERP system development? 1. Product…

  • What are the development functions of the agricultural product mall system?

    With the development of the Internet, China’s agricultural structure has also been adjusted, and many farmers have sold online. Traditional agriculture also needs to be transferred to mobile phones, expand the online development market, and add new channels and models for agricultural income. Today I will explain to you what are the development functions of the agricultural products mall system. 1. Search function: The search function is one of the basic functional sections of the agricultural product mall. It can help people search for the agricultural products they need, and…

  • Shanghai APP development – How many people are needed to customize the basic team structure of APP development?

    With the continuous deepening of mobile Internet development, governments and companies have begun to customize and develop APPs according to their own situations. In the process of APP development and customization, if companies set up the entire R&D What is the minimum number of people needed for a team? How much does it cost to develop? Let’s take a look at the specific situation. How many people are needed to develop a customized basic team structure for APP development? 1. Product Manager APP development and customization requires not only technical…

  • Problems that enterprises may encounter when cooperating with APP development companies to develop APPs

    If small and medium-sized enterprises want to develop an App, most of their choices are to find an APP development company to outsource assistance. After all, setting up a team to develop by yourself requires a lot of time, manpower, and funds. The cost is too high for small and medium-sized enterprises, and the App The technical threshold for development is actually very high. There are specialties in the industry. Finding an APP development company to develop is not only more professional, but also more cost-effective. Nowadays, cooperating with APP…

  • APP design: What is the process of APP interface design?

    Many companies can do APP design, but most app design application experience is not very ideal. The most important task before the development of any APP application is firstly positioning. Only when the positioning is clear can the subsequent requirements and development and testing processes be smooth. The second is product quality, and the third is marketing methods. Any App development team will focus 80% of its attention on the product itself. If the positioning and product are both good, even an app with little marketing ability will stand out….

  • What issues should be paid attention to when choosing an APP development company

    At present, new Internet outsourcing companies are constantly emerging on the market. It is not easy to choose a high-quality APP development company with good development quality and service quality. At the same time, there are many software development intermediaries in the market, as well as studios or outsourcing companies with immature technology. Therefore, What issues should be paid attention to when choosing an APP development company, let’s discuss with you: 1. In the stage of product demand, do a good job of positioning and planning functions The function positioning…

  • What are the specific ways of corporate brand building and promotion?

    Brand is the key to the survival of an enterprise. Only by improving brand awareness will customers recognize the company’s products and services, thereby bringing more orders and performance. A market-based business depends on branding. To do business, the first thing to do is the corporate brand, let consumers know your existence. That said, the number one priority for a startup is to build and enhance its brand. What are the specific methods of corporate brand building and promotion? Corporate brand building steps 1. Analyze the target customer base To…

  • Problems needing attention in APP development

    Nowadays, there are batches of APP outsourcing companies emerging on the market, choose one to develop qualityIt is not easy to be a high-quality APP development company with good service quality. Because the market is mixed with good and bad people, there are many intermediaries under the guise of development companies, as well as studios or outsourcing development companies with immature technology. So, what issues should be paid attention to when developing APP? The following issues need to be paid attention to during APP development: 1. In the product demand…

  • Staffing of APP development team

    How to choose an APP outsourcing team, and what kind of APP outsourcing team is more reliable? Before solving this problem, we must understand what roles and division of labor a complete APP team needs. 1. Product Manager The product manager is the soul of an APP product. He controls the correct direction of the entire project and ensures the experience of human-computer interaction. 2. UI design As the saying goes, “A man depends on clothes and a horse depends on a saddle.” UI designers add visual aesthetics and convey…

  • Notes on Mini Program Outsourcing Development

    At present, the Internet with a huge user base in China is always busy with traffic. Instant messaging, live broadcast, short video, e-commerce, self-media, etc. have become everyone’s daily life. The era of apps is also quietly changing. The major applications that relied on app downloads in the past have been disturbed by small programs. When the bubble bursts, the future of small programs has become more anticipated. From the perspective of user experience, the applet has the convenience of leaving without downloading and installing. From the perspective of developers,…

  • Introduction to the core points of small program development

    Now all walks of life are gradually aware of the application development of mobile mini-programs, and provide customers with online services, including but not limited to e-commerce mini-programs, tool mini-programs, management mini-programs, and other mini-program products actually needed type. The following is a brief introduction to the tool applet (product quotation applet), and an introduction to the core points of applet development. Industry pain points Product quotation is a tool applet that is more suitable for the manufacturing industry, because there are many types of finished products in the manufacturing…