• Enterprise h5 production_Display H5 design_China Mobile H5 development

    China Mobile Win-Win 5G H5 Development Type: Corporate Promotional Display H5 Designed and developed “win-win 5G innovative cooperation” for China Mobile to promote H5, H5 motion effects, video display, background music playback, H5 operation and maintenance, traffic effect statistics, etc.

  • What are the development functions of the agricultural product mall system?

    With the development of the Internet, China’s agricultural structure has also been adjusted, and many farmers have sold online. Traditional agriculture also needs to be transferred to mobile phones, expand the online development market, and add new channels and models for agricultural income. Today I will explain to you what are the development functions of the agricultural products mall system. 1. Search function: The search function is one of the basic functional sections of the agricultural product mall. It can help people search for the agricultural products they need, and…

  • How much does it cost to develop a small program?

    How much does small program development cost? On the one hand, reliability is important. Mini programs are divided into three types, enterprise display type, offline store type, and online mall type. Then, how much does the mini program development cost? The more functions and the longer the usage time, the more expensive it is naturally. If free, most are limited in functionality. After all, there is no free lunch in the world, and there will be no individuals or companies that provide small program production services for free. If it…