Shanghai Software Company Development: How many development languages ​​are there for the backend of the live broadcast system? How to choose?

Developed by Chengdu Software Company: How many development languages ​​are there for the backend of the live broadcast system? How to choose?

For customers who want to build a live broadcast system, in addition to understanding the price and functions of the live broadcast system APP, developing a live broadcast APP must also carefully consider the technical effects, what language is used in the development process, and what kind of development environment. These are all It helps customers to have a clearer understanding of the development situation of software companies, so that they can choose and evaluate the cooperation team that suits them.

Shanghai Software Company Development: How many development languages ​​are there for the backend of the live broadcast system? How to choose?
Live development

Live broadcasting is very popular this year, and live broadcasting systems are also very popular in the Live Broadcasting Software Development market. In the development of live broadcasting systems, PHP and Java are generally used, but users are not familiar with this. The two development languages ​​​​have different opinions on the mall system, so which one is better for the Java system or the PHP system? What are the differences?

What is the difference between the two programming languages?

Let’s talk about PHP first. One of the more prominent advantages of PHP is that the experience is fast. You can even write a function without a framework and only need a few lines of code to complete it. But Java is different. It needs to first think about what kind of framework to use, and then choose to configure various databases, filters, etc.

What are the technical differences between java and PHP?

PHP draws on all the advantages of languages ​​​​such as Java, C+, and Perl, focusing on the Internet field. There are almost no languages ​​​​comparable to PHP in the web field. Java is only object-oriented development. Although it has strong functions and many branches, its advantages often become disadvantages in certain situations.

What is the difference between Java and PHP in terms of market share?

The Java language is relatively old. After many years of development, it occupies a certain position in the C/S and B/S fields. However, as social needs continue to change, the Java market is gradually decreasing. For the market share of PHP, it is enough to only look at the web field, because the PHP market in the web field exceeds 80%, and the rest are asp, C+, python, etc. Most companies are using PHP. In comparison, There is more market share using PHP than Java.

Which one is more suitable for live broadcast software development business?

When it comes to developing live streaming software, we need to consider an issue that most people are very concerned about. Although the Java backend is better than PHP in terms of stability and load capacity, the development cost of the Java backend is high, the development cycle is long, and the later maintenance costs are also high, so it is not cost-effective for some people with limited start-up funds, but It does not mean that the Java background cannot be applied to live broadcast business. In contrast, the PHP backend not only has a short development cycle, but also does not require excessive development costs. Currently, most software development companies use PHP backend by default. The misunderstanding that needs to be avoided is that you can choose between the Java backend and the PHP backend, but the PHP backend is more cost-effective from all aspects.

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