What are the functions of fresh food APP custom development?

People’s living standards have improved, and many people are pursuing a high-quality life. They require big brands for clothes, large houses, pure water for drinking water, and pollution-free vegetables. It can be seen that people have higher and higher requirements for diet. The development of fresh food APP can help users solve more daily needs, provide users with more fresh vegetables and fruits, and also solve the last-mile distribution problem. It can be said that the development prospects are unlimited.

What are the functions of fresh food APP custom development?
Fresh food APP

What are the functions of fresh food APP custom development?

1. Product display: Merchants can upload products to the APP software and classify them according to different types, such as price, product attributes, etc. Users can select and purchase products according to their own needs.

2. Promotion push: push some fresh vegetable and fruit promotion activities to the user’s fresh food APP client in a timely manner, allowing users to participate in fresh food promotion activities and stock up on small granaries at home.

3. LBS Navigation: According to this function, you can set your fresh food area, know the nearby fresh food points with the fastest logistics at any time, and buy the fresh food you want most with high efficiency.

4. Nutritional recipes: People today live a fast pace and often forget to supplement their bodies with nutrients. Therefore, nutritional recipes are a function specially launched to make up for the lack of nutritional supplement awareness among modern people.

5. Slimming recipes: Exit the slimming recipe function, and the majority of meat-dumping fanatics can eat as much as they want. As long as they eat healthily, they will not gain weight. The weight-loss recipes provided by the Fresh Food APP can also be adjusted according to the current dishes, and there are different weight-loss meals every day.

6. Online payment: Place an order directly, and users can pay online through a variety of methods, such as WeChat payment, Alipay payment and UnionPay card payment.

7. Accurate push: Based on user browsing, collection, purchase and other recorded data, some relevant fresh food can be accurately pushed to users to improve the repeat purchase rate and user experience.

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