What is the difference between mini program development and APP development?

Original title: What is the difference between small program development and APP development?

Although mini programs and APPs are not very different in nature. They are both front-end data processing of an application software, but the difference in space occupied, development cycle, number of users, and functional features is still very big.

Today I will tell you about the difference between small program development and APP development? For your reference.

What is the difference between original small program development and APP development?

1. Different development languages ​​

The app uses Swift for iOS and Java for Android. Mini programs evolved from web technology and use JavaScript. Different programming languages ​​have commonalities. Once you are familiar with one language, it will be easier to learn the next language. Personally, I think that JavaScript is relatively easy to learn in terms of entry level. js also needs to cooperate with html and css to create tags and styles.

2. Program sizes are different

The size of the program mainly depends on the functions of the program package. The more functions or useless code, the larger the size will be. The size of the app installation package is generally around 100m-300m. A small program is generally about 1m in size, and the ideal size is also about 1m, and can be loaded within one second. The mini program only downloads the installation package when it is opened for the first time, while the app is pre-installed.

3. Different opening methods

Search for mini programs on WeChat, Alipay, and Baidu APP and scan them to open them. The APP needs to be downloaded, installed, registered, and logged in from the app store. You can uninstall it when you no longer want it.

4. Payment function issues

The app has no technical limitations and can implement any payment function. Mini programs are different. Since each mini program has different payment methods, you can only use the payment method of the host platform. For example: WeChat can only use WeChat Pay, Alipay can only use Alipay, and Baidu can only use Baidu Pay. ByteDance temporarily relies on WeChat and Alipay for payment, but recently ByteDance has started to create its own payment method.

5. Development time

The time to develop an APP is twice that of a small program, or even more. In general, WeChat mini programs and APPs each have their own advantages. WeChat mini programs require less time and capital investment than APPs, and can satisfy some start-up teams. APP can satisfy some highly complex products and is suitable for more mature companies.

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