A brief analysis of the marketing methods of short video mall + live broadcast marketing function

5 years of growth exceeding one trillion, a brief analysis of the economic growth line behind e-commerce live streaming

Affected by the epidemic, the e-commerce live broadcast industry has developed by leaps and bounds this year. On the one hand, everyone has reduced their outing activities and opted for online shopping to meet their daily needs. On the other hand, the e-commerce system has matured in China, the scale of users is gradually expanding, and the cost of traffic acquisition is getting higher and higher. The rise of the live broadcast delivery system based on the “live broadcast + e-commerce” model is expected to become the key to breakthroughs in the e-commerce industry.

A brief analysis of the marketing methods of short video mall + live broadcast marketing function
E-commerce live broadcast

Data shows that the live streaming delivery market has grown rapidly from 14.4 billion yuan in 2015 to 433.8 billion yuan in 2019, and is expected to exceed one trillion yuan by the end of 2020. The focus of the e-commerce platform is to create user consumption demand, increase user consumption frequency and stickiness, and maintain existing traffic. Through the live broadcast e-commerce platform, users can be given a more professional and in-depth introduction to products, which can also attract more potential users and tap the potential needs of users.

In addition to the interactive advantages of e-commerce live broadcasts, from the perspective of user psychology, it is not difficult to find that most users are a group that likes to share. If the audience finds the live video interesting, useful, or of high quality and low price, they will not be stingy with it. Recommend it to your relatives and friends. People tend to believe in the “grass planting” of big V. Many live broadcast rooms will also invite celebrities to help out, forming another form of economic monetization for fans.

E-commerce live broadcast is based on the e-commerce ecosystem, but it is different from traditional e-commerce in many ways. For example, a major feature of live streaming shopping is that it is a form of limited-time shopping. Viewers can only purchase and place orders within a limited time. In traditional online shopping, audiences can even spend a day browsing and comparing. and shopping. Furthermore, when shopping in live broadcast rooms, audiences rely on the explanations and displays of anchors and models to understand product information. Live explanations are often more vivid than the graphic displays of traditional e-commerce; in addition, the discounts on products in live broadcast rooms are usually higher than in traditional e-commerce stores. E-commerce needs to be high.

Create a new type of short video mall + live broadcast marketing functional product, convert public domain traffic into private domain traffic to serve corporate merchants and bring orders, breaking the original advertising graphics, text and text combination marketing model. In the live broadcast room, users can watch, understand and place orders to improve the mall transaction conversion rate.

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