• What are the business models for real estate mini program development?

    Original title: What are the business models for real estate mini program development? House purchase is a very important event in life for Chinese people. It basically takes up half of the hard-earned money of most people in it. However, the existing method of house purchase is still to buy second-hand houses and new houses. In this kind of Under a specific market economy, the market prospects of real estate companies will not be greatly affected for the time being. With Huashang, let’s talk about what business models there are…

  • Why is mini program development always delayed?

    Many customers don’t understand why mini program development is always delayed? If you think about it carefully, many problems can be avoided. If you figure out how to do it and what to do from the beginning, it will be done quickly and it won’t take that long. Let me share a little story with you. It’s just simple business and customer communication. January: Mini program development project approved Customer: I want to make a mall applet. I have sent you the requirements. How long do you think it will…

  • The main functions of medical device management software system

    With the rapid development of the information age, the rapid changes in IT technology, and the acceleration of the marketization process of enterprises, every medical device company must use all available resources to achieve overall success. In such an external environment, medical device software emerged as the times require. It includes modules such as purchase management, inventory management, sales management, quality management, inspection and testing management, and system management of medical devices. Its main functions include: 1. Business management It has rich system settings such as managing the business scope…

  • How to understand the B2B model and B2C model of e-commerce

    How to understand the B2B model and B2C model of e-commerce? There are too many e-commerce models, but do you understand these models? E-commerce is a business activity that uses information network technology as a means and centers on commodity exchange. In the most understandable terms, e-commerce can be understood as the exchange and purchase of goods and services through electronic transactions on the Internet. B2B model, sometimes people also call this model “BTB model”, which is the acronym and pronunciation of Business-to-Business. The Chinese meaning is the marketing relationship…

  • Flexible employment platform development-What are the benefits of flexible employment? What are the advantages of cluster registration?

    What are the benefits of flexible employment for companies and individuals? This issue should be addressed to both companies and employees. First, reduce labor costs Flexible employment is different from fixed full-time employment. Like water and electricity, talents are used on demand. Therefore, for enterprises, there are no five insurances, one housing fund, recruitment training and various hidden labor costs. , reducing labor costs by at least 30%. Second, there is basically no labor risk Because it does not fall within the scope of labor relations, there are no issues…

  • Shared store system-How can shared stores do good business?

    Many businesses are complaining that it is difficult to do business now, so why can other people’s business be done? There must be a reason, right? Can we think about learning from the popular store marketing methods now and see how they operate them. As an example, let me share with you a game-breaking model – shared store. The boss is a tie manufacturer. His business has not been doing well, but the product quality and price are still very good. If you can’t sell something with such a good…

  • After the APP production is completed, how to test and accept the APP?

    Now more and more companies are starting to make APP. When the APP is finished, how do we need to check and accept it? It often happens that many problems are discovered only after the APP is launched or launched. What aspects of knowledge do you need to master for APP testing and acceptance? Next, discuss with everyone! Functional testing 1. Test according to functional modules According to the division of each major functional module designed, and then refine it level by level, covering as comprehensive a test point as…