The main functions of medical device management software system

With the rapid development of the information age, the rapid changes in IT technology, and the acceleration of the marketization process of enterprises, every medical device company must use all available resources to achieve overall success. In such an external environment, medical device software emerged as the times require. It includes modules such as purchase management, inventory management, sales management, quality management, inspection and testing management, and system management of medical devices.

The main functions of medical device management software system
Medical device management software

Its main functions include:

1. Business management

It has rich system settings such as managing the business scope of the enterprise, monitoring the validity period of approval documents, authority management, business process definition, document printing, and user management. (Set accounts, roles and permissions according to different positions;)

2. Basic information

Customized in accordance with regulations, there are approval processes for supplier/product/customer first operation and modification, while managing its own business scope to match upstream and downstream business documents. (Highlight: Check the review progress at any time and accurately control the business progress.)

3. Quality management

Process quality documents and risk control with emergency stop function. (Highlights: Business can be stopped based on business type and specific products; the system automatically monitors the validity period of basic information approval documents, and issues early warning reminders in a timely manner, and automatically locks when expired;)

4. Procurement management

For purchase orders and purchase and return orders, the system automatically monitors the business scope and approval period of both parties, and forms a purchase record when it becomes effective. (Highlights: Process-oriented design, business transfer within the system reduces manual entry;)

5. Sales Management

For sales orders and sales returns, the system automatically matches the original sales documents to prevent empty returns and excessive returns. After taking effect, a sales record is formed to meet traceability requirements. (Highlights: Process-based design, no manual entry is required for business transfer within the system; support for defining the delivery list style as needed to meet various customer needs.)

6. Transfer management

It is specially designed for users with consignment business requirements under the framework of regulations.

7. Warehouse management

Streamline the inbound and outbound process, and process nodes can be defined according to the situation. Automatically read data, reduce input links, reduce workload, and improve accuracy and efficiency. Accurate and multi-dimensional inventory statistics, convenient and clear query; (Function highlights: automatically allocate cargo locations, and automatically trigger quality risk notifications to quality control personnel for disposal; supports multi-warehouse management, in addition to self-operated warehouses, it also supports API docking with third-party warehouses )

8. Financial settlement

The system accurately records every transaction, and has functions such as settlement, invoice settlement, and account period credit management. At the same time, it supports API customization interface to connect with mainstream financial systems. (Highlights: Equipped with settlement mark, business and financial reconciliation is easy and clear)

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