Flexible employment platform development-What are the benefits of flexible employment? What are the advantages of cluster registration?

What are the benefits of flexible employment for companies and individuals?

Flexible employment platform development-What are the benefits of flexible employment? What are the advantages of cluster registration?
Flexible employment

This issue should be addressed to both companies and employees.

First, reduce labor costs

Flexible employment is different from fixed full-time employment. Like water and electricity, talents are used on demand. Therefore, for enterprises, there are no five insurances, one housing fund, recruitment training and various hidden labor costs. , reducing labor costs by at least 30%.

Second, there is basically no labor risk

Because it does not fall within the scope of labor relations, there are no issues such as arbitration.

Third, there is no complicated entry and exit process

The efficiency of learning is improved, labor costs are saved, and labor risks are avoided.

Here are the benefits for individuals.

Individuals can fully flexibly and independently realize the diversification of their personal income structure while also well satisfying their value needs for self-realization.

What are the advantages of cluster registration?

First, cluster registration means that in areas where policies allow, multiple flexible workers can register as individual industrial and commercial households at one address, obtain the status of real individual industrial and commercial households, enjoy the preferential policies of small and micro enterprises, and achieve low-cost legal Pay taxes.

Second, compared to entrusted collection, the advantages of cluster registration are more obvious. The policy is clear and stable, invoicing can be done for one household, and tax records are clear and traceable. Compared with the status of entrusted collection, it is undoubtedly better. Be more compliant.

Third, the cost of starting a business is low and no separate office address is required.

Under the traditional business model, starting a business requires a fixed business address, but today’s conditions for starting a business have become more relaxed. For many people who want to start a business but do not have a fixed business address, the advantages of training registration are very obvious.

Of course, these two methods are now compliant policies issued by relevant national agencies. However, because entrustment is still in the exploration and adjustment stage, and various laws and regulations are still being improved, flexible employment is closely related to the policy. Under relevant circumstances, when choosing a platform, try to choose a platform with more complete qualifications.

Note: Only for labor dispatch and human resources

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