Shanghai APP Development Company-What are the APP development, testing and acceptance tasks?

After developing an APP, enterprises will need to conduct testing and acceptance. Only when there are no problems will they choose to go online.

I believe few companies know what tasks are generally required during testing and acceptance. Next, let’s talk about it in detail.

Shanghai APP Development Company-What are the APP development, testing and acceptance tasks?

APP development

Functional testing

The so-called functional testing means to experience the functions of the APP one by one according to the development documents to see whether these functions are implemented and can be used normally, and to test the use of these functions. During the process, whether there are errors, whether the operation is normal, the corresponding speed, etc., if any, need to be repaired.

Process testing

Process testing refers to connecting the various functions of the APP application in series and conducting an overall experience test based on the user’s usage process. For example, payment, ordering, additional purchase, inquiry, consultation, etc., because even if the same function is implemented through different paths, different problems may arise.

Compatibility test

Compatibility testing refers to testing the compatibility of APP applications after they are installed on different mobile phones and systems. If they are not compatible, the APP application will malfunction or be misaligned when opened, affecting the experience. Therefore, you need to install it through different mobile phone systems to see if they can display and use normally.

Performance test

Performance testing refers to testing the performance of APP applications. Through actual experience, we can see whether the APP application opens quickly, whether it loads smoothly, and whether it takes up too much device performance and increases power consumption. , whether the network is stable, etc. The better the performance of the APP, the better the user experience will be.

The above are several testing and acceptance tasks that enterprises need to focus on when testing and accepting after developing APP applications. Only by doing these well can the APP application be submitted to the application market for launch. When users download and use the APP, they will get a comfortable experience and have more trust in the APP.

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