How to do website SEO optimization for a new website?

The new website has nothing, so it needs to fill in a lot of things, and do something to facilitate Baidu spiders to crawl, so that the website has enough high-quality articles to publish.

How to do website SEO optimization for a new website?
Website SEO optimization

Let’s take a closer look at what needs to be done.

1. Optimize the title of the web page, and set different Titles according to the home page, column page, and content page;

2. The selection of keywords, according to the industry in which the website is located, combined with the keywords of competitors to set the keywords of the website;

3. Keyword (Keywords) optimization, using SEO optimization skills, formulating different optimization methods for keywords in different industries;

4. Optimization of meta tags and webpage descriptions, don’t ignore spiders’ descriptions of webpages, this part is the link that can best add points to website optimization;

5. Optimize website structure and URL, simplify website structure, and provide clean code programs for network users and search engine robots;

6. Regular expressions in SEO, according to the optimization formula above, reasonably optimize the website;

7. Let the search engine proceed according to your intention, grasp the rules of Spider, and arrange your optimization work reasonably;

8. Webpage link optimization, linking the column pages of the website and the relevant content of the content page, so that the Spider can find a “road” no matter which page it is from;

9. Optimization of Heading tags, good use of H titles, which can help search engines identify the weight of different content;

10. Picture (Alt) optimization, picture description is essential in the middle of website optimization, not only can increase the keyword density of the page, but also give users accurate information description when the network is not strong.

11. Streamlining of web pages, DIV+CSS reconstruction of web pages, weight loss of Java script codes, streamlining of other parts of web pages, for those who do not know how to streamline CSS codes, tools can be used to compress them.

12. To build a website that is conducive to SEO, you must have a stable and healthy server space.

The above is what the new website optimization needs to do. Doing so can make the website optimization be included quickly, and the layout of the entire website will be better in all aspects.

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