Shanghai SEO optimization company: Talking about the role of website SEO optimization

For website managers, what you have to do is to understand the online habits of customers.

We know that when most customers find the products they need, they will first use search engines, such as Baidu and Google. Of course, when users search for products they are interested in, they pay more attention to some products at the top of the website. This is the most direct reason for us to learn SEO optimization.

We should try to use reasonable methods to optimize the website by searching for some keywords. For example, I want to buy a wireless mouse online. At this point, I get the search list by the keyword of the wireless mouse. I’ll just click on the first few pages of the mouse info.

Shanghai SEO optimization company: Talking about the role of website SEO optimization
Website SEO optimization

Maybe, you might say why should I waste time and energy doing SEO optimization, will I spend some money on something that I don’t need to do?

Of course, friends with this ability can of course improve the ranking of website keywords in search engines through bidding rankings, but this method is not a long-term plan. If you spend money to buy rankings, you will encounter malicious clicks from competitors and increase your budget. When your competitors bid for a certain keyword, it is easy to form vicious competition, and in the end it will only be worth the loss.

Therefore, as a company, you must understand the value of SEO optimization, which is the basis of network marketing and website promotion. Choose SEO optimization to obtain a good natural ranking for your website keywords without violating search engine rules. Then your website is already half successful.

The real SEO is to make the website more humanized through reasonable search engine retrieval means, from user experience to search engine support, from website planning, layout, production and promotion.

The whole process of SEO runs through every link of website planning, website construction and website maintenance. If a good website is optimized, the traffic from search engines will be greatly improved. However, it can only bring users, and what can really retain users is the content, product quality and good service of the website.

Therefore, SEO is only a secondary means. In the process of website construction, most of the energy should be put on the improvement of website content and services.

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