• “Machine of Trust” – Blockchain

    Blockchain is a combination of “block” and “chain”, which is essentially a distributed ledger. So, how is this account book kept and how does it work? Let us illustrate with an analogy. In the beginning, one person stood out from a group of people and took a blank piece of paper to keep accounts. The system rewarded this person with a certain amount of rewards (such as 50 bitcoins). After finishing the account, generate an anti-counterfeiting code through the encryption algorithm on this page of the bill, and copy the…

  • How to do website SEO optimization for a new website?

    The new website has nothing, so it needs to fill in a lot of things, and do something to facilitate Baidu spiders to crawl, so that the website has enough high-quality articles to publish. Let’s take a closer look at what needs to be done. 1. Optimize the title of the web page, and set different Titles according to the home page, column page, and content page; 2. The selection of keywords, according to the industry in which the website is located, combined with the keywords of competitors to set…

  • Shanghai website development: What is the role of 404 pages in website development?

    A 404 page is a page returned when the server cannot provide information normally when the client is browsing the web, or the server cannot respond, and the reason is unknown. Shanghai Xinli Information Technology will talk to you today about why a 404 page is required for website development, and what is the role of a 404 page? Why do website development need 404 pages? When a search engine searches for a wrong link, if you do not set a 404 page, then he will judge that your link…

  • How to write the title of the web page in website SEO optimization?

    The title of the webpage is the core and key point of website SEO optimization. To write a good title, it is necessary to analyze keywords and make a reasonable layout. The writing depth of Title is very deep. If you master the word segmentation technology of title keywords, then your SEO skills will also be improved. How should the title of the page be written in website SEO optimization? 1. It is best to only put 1-2 keywords in the title of the website. You can’t put too many…

  • H5 landing page production service: Wechat advertising landing page production_Douyin landing page production

    Nowadays, many companies have launched online advertisements, such as WeChat Moments advertisements, Douyin advertisements, and Toutiao advertisements. When users click on the advertisement, they will enter the landing page. The content of the landing page cannot attract users and even some problems may occur. It is best to design the H5 landing page as well as possible. New Mileage Technology, a professional H5 landing page production company, is here today to share with you the production of landing pages. If you need to design + produce a landing page, please…

  • How to develop a WeChat web page

    WeChat web page refers to the page presented in the form of a web page within the WeChat official account. Unlike traditional web pages, it needs to follow the development specifications and restrictions of the WeChat official account. The following will introduce in detail how to develop a WeChat web page. 1. Preparation 1. Register a WeChat official account to obtain a developer account and AppID. 2. Install development tools: WeChat public platform developer tools, which provide local debugging, code editing, preview and other functions. 3. Master HTML, CSS, JavaScript…

  • Advertising Landing Page Creation

    Ad landing page production Also known as the landing page is the first page that is linked to the website after the visitor clicks on the social media Douyin, Kuaishou, Moments advertisement or other advertisements. It can be understood as the first page entered after clicking the advertisement. We provide professional advertising landing page production_landing page production_H5 form development and production services Ad landing page production ability to effectively introduce your company The most important part of a homepage is how effectively it grabs the visitor’s attention. So the key…