The title that is conducive to website SEO optimization is very important

How to optimize the SEO title?

For a website, it is very important to set a title that is conducive to SEO optimization of the website, which is an important step to make the website stand out from peers. A good website title is very important. It can promote the rapid ranking of website keywords, firmly hold the core of website content, and attract users’ attention so that users can’t help but click.

The title that is conducive to website SEO optimization is very important
Website SEO optimization

1. Determine the core of the website theme

1. If a website has only one theme core, it is really easy to set up. It can be set directly using the format of “core word A+ brand word”. For example, a website that makes “stainless steel screen” products can be set as “stainless steel screen_brand word stainless steel net”; among them, stainless steel screen is the core word of the website product, and so-and-so stainless steel net is the brand word.

If you want to set it up better, you need to use the data to determine the needs of the product “stainless steel screen” and combine some attractive elements to set it up. Combining the Baidu search drop-down list, the bottom-step recommended search terms, the demand map of the Baidu index, the popular search terms, the fastest-rising search terms and other elements to determine, you can set the title of the website to “Rose Gold Stainless Steel Screen Production_Foshan Stainless Steel Screen “Manufacturer [price]_brand stainless steel net” can be set according to the needs, so that the website can get a fast ranking, and adding the price element will attract users to click.

2. If the website is for multiple products, the usual format is “key A + key B + key C + brand word”, which is a qualified title. For example, an enterprise’s website needs “stainless steel telescopic door” and “aluminum alloy telescopic door”. It is “stainless steel retractable door_aluminum alloy retractable door_brand word”, which is a qualified title. If combined with the demand analysis of the industry, we can form it into a smooth short sentence. For example, we can set it as “brand word telescopic door manufacturer_professional telescopic door price | telescopic door specification”, adding demand and guiding clicks factors, is an excellent title.

Second, through data analysis, get the core needs of the website theme

Add elements to guide clicks in the title, such as time guide words: latest, 2022, etc., professional guide words include: professional, expert, etc.; industry demand words include: price, specification, custom-made, processing, etc.; these are explained in the For the first point, there are already examples, so I won’t repeat them here. Be careful not to add more than one-third of the element that guides the click.

Third, matters needing attention in setting the SEO title of the homepage website:

1. Keyword order

Important words are ranked first, because the further back, the lower the weight;

2. Do not pile up keywords

Generally, it is enough to place 1-3 keywords on the homepage, no more than 4. It is best to only have one keyword on the catalog page and detail page.

3. Symbol description

Preferably in English. Although the search engine does not mind whether you use symbols in Chinese format or in English, it is recommended to use symbols in English format, because the position occupied by the English state is only 1 character, and the title should be displayed as much as possible. The main thing is to not use spaces. Search engines think that spaces are not a symbol.

4. The length of the title

The length of the title is greater than 4 characters, and Baidu only displays 30 Chinese characters, so the requirement for Baidu optimization is less than 30 Chinese characters; other search engines refer to the data:

Haosou: 60 bytes; Google: 66 bytes; Soso: 66 bytes; Yahoo: 64 bytes; Microsoft: 46 bytes; 114: 46 bytes; Sogou: 56 bytes ; Youdao: 56 bytes;

5. Keyword matching

There are full matches and partial matches. This enlightenment to us is: when setting the title, match as many keywords as possible.

6. The principle of modifying the title

The first principle of modifying the title is not to modify the title, unless the title of the website is very poor, because as long as the title is modified, it will affect the matching of keywords. If you want to change the title, you will not modify it unless you have to.

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