Shanghai SEO Optimization-SEO optimization issues to pay attention to when building a website

Regardless of whether it is a domestic website or a foreign website, an official website or another website, the issues you need to pay attention to when looking for a third-party service provider to build a website are the same. The possible reason is that he may not know much about SEO (search engine optimization), and he guesses that the service provider will not take it into consideration when building the website, and he does not understand it, so he asked, fearing that it would be difficult to modify it in the future.

Shanghai SEO Optimization-SEO optimization issues to pay attention to when building a website
SEO optimization

So, here are some things to note from the perspective of SEO optimization:

1. Website domain name and URL specifications

From an SEO perspective, if the domain name is registered by an outsourcing agent, it is best to use Pinyin for the Chinese domain name. If it is an English site, use the English meaning. It doesn’t matter if it is longer. Of course, the domain name ownership must be your own. Regarding URL specifications, I would like to advise website builders that the URL of a web page should be unique and do not have the same URL. All URLs should be in lowercase and don’t mix upper and lower case. At the same time, the URL level should not be too deep, generally no more than three levels, and the “/” represents the next level.

Another note is to keep only one URL on the homepage of the website, no index.html, any test can be opened. It is recommended that you find someone who understands SEO to help you take a look after it is done.

2. Website registration

Now all domestic websites must register. But some people don’t understand that if you build your website directly using overseas servers, you really don’t need to bother with filing. However, if you want to get traffic from domestic search engines, especially Baidu, it is almost impossible. Of course, you said that the official website I make is not a marketing website and does not require SEO. However, domestic server websites are very slow to open in China, which also affects the user experience. Instead of doing this, why are you building a website?

Therefore, if you want to build a domestic website, filing is necessary. You can find a website building company to help you file. Of course, you must provide the filing information yourself. Remember, you must prepare domain name registration before building a website. Do not promote or submit to search engines until the website cannot be opened!

3. Website server

Many website building companies will put your website on their server and share a server with many websites, because this way they can save costs and charge you for the server. However, from an SEO perspective, it is recommended that a website be on an independent server. If it can be placed on two or three other sites of your own, it is recommended not to share it. Because you can’t guarantee whether other sites on the same server as yours will be attacked or the search engine will be demoted, which will indirectly affect you.

In fact, server costs are not expensive. Take me as an example. I have four or five websites, and the annual cost is only five or six hundred yuan. Even if your traffic is larger, 1,000-2,000 yuan a year is enough. Of course, if you are a platform type website, it is not enough. A small official website of an enterprise is enough. Some money should be saved, and some money should not be saved!

4. Three elements of website

What do the three elements of a website mean? It means that search engines crawl the title, keywords and description of your website. In addition to the homepage of the website, any page on the website has three elements.

What should you pay attention to in the three elements of a website? You should pay attention to whether the website building company has written it for you or whether it has this function in the background and you can modify it yourself. If it is written to death, if you want to modify it in the future, you will have to go to him every time. As for articles, technology can automatically retrieve them.

5. Website pictures

Images must have an alt attribute and write content. The image format is limited to gif, png, and pg. All image names should use a combination of lowercase English letters, numbers, and _, and must not contain Chinese characters, spaces, or special characters. Choose the smallest image format and image quality while ensuring the visual design effect to reduce loading time; design the image as large as you want, and do not control the size of the image in HTML.

6. Website internal links

There are two aspects of internal linking on the website. One is that internal link anchor text can be added when the website updates the content, and the other is that there are relevant article recommendations below the website content. Of course, this is all considered from the perspective of SEO and users. If you don’t consider these, you don’t have to use it.

7. Website links

If you want to optimize this website in the future, you will definitely need to exchange links with others, so it is best to let the website builder help you create a friendly link location and function on both the front and back ends.

Some companies build websites with these SEO features, and some may not, because not all website building companies understand SEO. If they all understand it, his own official website SEO optimization should rank well!

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