How to do a good job in Internet marketing promotion for real estate websites?

With the rapid development of online platforms, many consumers will search for housing information online.

The promotion of real estate websites has increasingly become an indispensable marketing tool for enterprises. However, as a traditional industry, real estate also hopes to use the power of the mobile Internet to directly contact users at a faster speed.

How to do a good job in Internet marketing promotion for real estate websites?
Real estate website network promotion

How to do a good job in Internet marketing and promotion of real estate websites?

Clarify property positioning

While the real estate industry can appeal to all consumer groups, every home has key advantages like school districts, location, and price. Therefore, before promoting the real estate website, we need to clearly position the advantages of real estate, accurately position, avoid detours, and carry out website marketing and promotion according to target customers.

Development of network marketing promotion plan

Real estate can adopt a variety of marketing promotion methods, but it is still necessary to formulate the best network marketing promotion plan according to the real estate brand positioning and service objects.

Clarify marketing promotion budget

The capital budget required for each promotion method is different. For example, the cost of SEM is high, and once the capital is withdrawn, the ranking will drop; the capital cost of SEO is relatively large in the early stage, and once the ranking of the website rises, the maintenance cost is low, which is a low-cost marketing promotion . Therefore, the marketing promotion of real estate websites needs to determine the cost of capital, and then promote it to ensure that the capital chain is sufficient.

What are the real estate network promotion channels?

Advertisement Promotion

Advertisement promotion refers to writing related content about real estate, so that users can clearly understand the relevant information of real estate through advertorials, deepen their understanding of real estate, and attract users to consume. In addition to high-quality soft text content, soft text promotion also needs appropriate media to achieve the desired effect. Real estate media can be divided into the following three categories:

1. Vertical media delivery

The form of this kind of media is basically based on the real estate industry and professional websites of portal websites. . With the development of real estate in recent years, these large portals have expanded the media dedicated to real estate. These media rely on the traffic of portal websites, basically belong to the upper and lower levels, or exist in the form of real estate departments.

Anjuke and SouFun are professional real estate websites. These websites will have some regional circle websites that meet the characteristics of regional consumers in different regions. Some naturally developed professional websites are generally more professional, mainly for real estate recommendations. To put it bluntly, only buyers will look at it, and ordinary consumers will not pay attention to it without demand.

2. Network channel media (targeted media)

This medium is used exclusively for drainage or for some customer groups. For example, Baidu bidding is blocked for users of video sites such as Baidu keyword search and Youku. In addition, in recent years, with the development of big data, some sub-media that uses big data for online advertising is called sub-media, which can also be said to be a form of delivery. They classify customers through online big data, and can release different advertisements according to different customers. Just like Google’s advertising system, some small websites are embedded in the advertising code. In theory, the accuracy is relatively high, and age, occupation, consumption characteristics, etc. can be directly specified.

3. Self-media

This is a unique form of online media, such as the use of personal Weibo, WeChat, blogs, etc. to form media. This kind of media is usually disseminated for specific groups and is relatively decentralized. Although our media platform has a lot of traffic, it needs to be rolled out carefully. For example, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu, Bilibili and Baijiahao.

Short video promotion

Short video promotion is the most popular in the market. Through video marketing promotion, deepen users’ influence on real estate vision and deepen their impression. Douyin, Toutiao and Kuaishou will be a good choice.

Search engine marketing promotion

In the era of Internet big data, there is a very effective promotion and marketing method, that is, search engine marketing. It can conduct relevant data analysis based on the user’s historical search trajectory, analyze the user’s search interests and hobbies, and perform intelligent push. Therefore, more and more enterprises hope to carry out various marketing promotions through the website, shorten the distance with users, and let users find their own websites as soon as possible. Website promotion should combine the characteristics, advantages and demand groups of real estate, and dig out its search real estate keyword optimization, so that users can use the keywords you set to search, quickly find your real estate, bring traffic to your website, and achieve exposure. Baidu will is a good choice.

Search engine bid promotion

By bidding on real estate keywords on Baidu, we can quickly obtain corresponding rankings and achieve exposure at the fastest speed.

1. Choose the right keywords. The so-called Baidu bidding is actually keyword bidding, which is the keyword here. What keywords are appropriate? There are only three modes of keywords: product keywords/area keywords/business indirect related keywords. As long as you achieve the keywords of these three models, you are not afraid that customers will not find you, and the same is true for the real estate industry.

2. Set the delivery area. If the customer group of small and medium-sized enterprises has a fixed area, the setting must be selected. For example, if the customer base is in Hubei, you only need to check Hubei. During the advertising process, non-Hubei users will not display the participating bids when they inquire, so they will not click to reduce consumption.

3. Make a delivery description. When setting the description of the advertisement, it must be accurate, so that the browser can know whether it is looking for customers and reduce accidental clicks.

In short, in the highly competitive real estate website promotion process, choosing the right promotion channel will have a better advantage in promotion optimization, reduce blind optimization and waste too much time and cost, and realize transformation as soon as possible.

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