How does the temporary consumer shareholder plan work?

The temporary shareholder marketing model can increase customer repurchase rates

Today I am making a plan for a temporary consumer shareholder in the store. How to operate it specifically?

How does the temporary consumer shareholder plan work?
Temporary consumer shareholders

We divide the operation into two points.

The first one is that you can experience such temporary activities if you spend as much as you want.

Second, as long as he follows our official account, he can receive a commission reminder.

So in this way we can promote our customer repurchase rate.

For example, if a customer spends more than 300 yuan, he can become a temporary shareholder of our store. The period given to him is seven days. Then within seven days, the information of our store will be sent to the customer’s official account, then we will have a seven-day forced advertisement. After implantation, the store takes 10% of the profit and distributes it to these customers who spend more than 300 yuan.

Just think about it, after you spend 300 yuan, you will receive a commission reminder every day when you return home. Next time you want to make a purchase, will you give priority to our store? Because you look at your backend, There is also an amount of money that can be used, and it even increases the probability that our users will repurchase. So this is a plan to increase the repurchase of old customers, which is also a temporary shareholder plan.

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