What is the method of enterprise website SEO optimization?

In today’s mobile Internet era, most companies have tasted the sweetness of building websites and developing e-commerce. It is the right choice for companies to have a marketing-oriented corporate website to expand sales channels through SEO optimization.

SEO optimization of enterprise website is not to publish some website content casually, it needs certain professional SEO expertise to support, if conditions permit, it is recommended to find a Shanghai website SEO optimization service provider to build SEO work for your enterprise website.

What is the method of enterprise website SEO optimization?
Website SEO optimization

Today I will chat with you, What is the method of SEO optimization for enterprise websites?

1. Determine the website theme keywords

According to the products and content of the enterprise website, choose reasonable keywords, and then analyze the selected keywords, mainly to see the degree of competition of keywords, including the amount of searches, the use of competitors, etc. Based on this, determine the final theme target keywords of the website, generally three to five theme keywords.

2. Rationally plan website TDK: title description keywords

For a website, after determining the keywords, it is necessary to plan the title and description information of the website. When a search engine crawls and includes a website, it uses the website title, description and keywords to identify and judge the category, nature and subject content of the website. Therefore, reasonable website title and description information are very helpful for the website to be included by search engines.

3. Clever layout of long tail keywords

Under normal circumstances, theme keywords are the theme of the positioning website, and it is often reasonable long-tail keywords that can really bring intended customers. According to the target keywords, carry out the analysis of relevant content, including product, industry and other information, and finally establish long-tail keywords that have a large search volume, low competition and can meet your own site, which can bring very considerable traffic and intended customers to the website .

4. Plan the structure and content of the website

After the keywords and other information above are established, it’s time for the website layout structure and specific content. On the website, according to the crawling rules of search engine spiders, the reasonable layout of content and keywords can make the website achieve a good search engine friendliness. In addition, it should be noted that flash and JS special effects should not appear on the pages of the website as much as possible. Use images as little as possible. Add the Alt attribute tag to the picture to facilitate search engines to identify the meaning of the picture.

5. Overall inspection and layout

Check 404 pages, robots.txt, static links, tree structures, URL normalization, and make everything free of blind spots. Strictly check the dead links of website pages, and the phenomenon of dead links on website pages is the most taboo.

6. Reasonable means of network promotion

No matter how beautiful a website is, if you don’t promote it, no one will know about your website, let alone visit your website, let alone bring much benefit. Therefore, reasonable adoption of necessary promotion means can make people discover your website faster, bring tangible benefits, and achieve the ultimate benefit goal. The basic promotion forms include: blog promotion, forum promotion, advertorial promotion, question and answer promotion, exchange of friendship links and other means. For more website promotion methods, please pay attention to the column information of China 8U Network Promotion Department.

In short, whether it is search engine ranking optimization or website optimization, valuable content needs to be provided to users for conversion. Traffic is not conversion rate. With traffic, there is conversion rate. Good website content to firmly grasp every traffic, and finally achieve conversion.

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