What are the future application scenarios of blockchain development?

What are the future application scenarios of blockchain development?

Blockchain has been hot for several years, and industrial blockchain is considered to be the greatest value of blockchain development at present. But in what areas will blockchain development work? How does it work? Here I have compiled some experiences to share with you.

What are the future application scenarios of blockchain development?

1. Authorization and rights protection

It is not difficult to find that the era of micro-copyright has arrived. In the past, copyright was for a book, a movie, or a song; now, copyright can be for a short video or an article on a public account. However, in the era of micro-copyright, it is not easy for creators to safeguard their rights. Before the creators have time to confirm their rights, the content may be plagiarized. According to statistics, the economic losses caused by piracy of online literature alone amount to 8 billion yuan every year. The blockchain has truly activated the entire chain of the copyright industry. The value of blockchain technology in the copyright industry is divided into three parts: rights confirmation, authorization and rights protection.

In terms of rights confirmation, an application software can be developed on the blockchain. Based on the identity signature and timestamp, it can even allow the creator to save every sentence he writes and issue a certificate every time he saves it.

At the copyright transaction level, when works are registered online, the rights holder can directly mark the price, display and trade on the platform, building a bridge between supply and demand and promoting faster realization of copyright. The real value of the blockchain is to realize the assetization of digital resources such as copyright and enable low-cost transactions.

At the level of rights protection, the most difficult thing about rights protection is obtaining evidence. Precisely, the immutable characteristics of blockchain technology can quickly fix infringement evidence. For example, in the past, in order to preserve evidence that the novel was plagiarized, the original author of an online novel needed to print out all the web pages showing the plagiarized content, which was very time-consuming and energy-consuming. Blockchain is much easier, and the content on the chain is clear at a glance.

2. Product traceability

Copyright is a purely digital product, and goods are physical objects. Blockchain can ensure that digital information is credible and cannot be tampered with. How can offline physical objects be mapped to the Internet? Traceability refers to the tracking and recording of the production, processing, transportation, circulation, retail and other aspects of agricultural products, industrial products and other commodities. Its value lies in that if an epidemic disease breaks out in a certain place, the source of infection or pollution can be quickly identified through the traceability system, thereby controlling the source of transmission.

But the problem is that under the information island model, participants upstream and downstream in the traceability chain each maintain a ledger www.hsymr.com. Participants at any link may tamper with it out of interest, and the cost of fraud is low. Technologies such as blockchain that cannot be tampered with and distributed storage provide solutions to the lack of trust in the traceability industry, while openness and transparency provide a transparent mechanism for information flow, logistics and capital flow.

It needs to be mentioned here that the product traceability and anti-counterfeiting process includes information collection and storage. In fact, the blockchain only provides a decentralized, non-tamperable accounting method and solves the important “trust” issue at the storage level. In order to solve the problem of fraud and subcontracting in the information collection stage, there is a general tendency to include government agencies and third-party institutions for supervision, and information and products can also be integrated into one.

However, after using blockchain technology, once a company puts fake data on the chain, it also means that the fake data cannot be changed. It becomes the “Sword of Damocles” and may hit the evil companies at any time. The cost of counterfeiting is greatly increased. Blockchain is essentially collaborative control. It does not solve the problem of a single subject, but solves the problem of multiple subjects.

3. Privacy Protection

Blockchain development technology can also bring convenience to big data transactions. The reason for data trading is easy to understand. Data can be used to analyze user groups, conduct precision marketing, and even train artificial intelligence. It can bring unlimited possibilities for enterprises to deepen their application scenarios. However, digital assets are the core competitive barrier for enterprises, and there is insufficient motivation for transactions. The transaction also involves user privacy, and both buyers and sellers have to bear significant regulatory risks. On the one hand, big data has unlimited potential, but on the other hand, there is great transaction resistance. Blockchain may be a solution.

Big data transactions include relevant aspects such as data resource confirmation, opening, circulation and transactions. If the isolation verification technology of the blockchain can be used, the data that can be legally sold can be isolated and verified, and the data can be encrypted. On the one hand, it can ensure the legitimate use of data demanders and protect user privacy to the greatest extent. On the other hand, using the blockchain data traceability function can confirm data ownership and circulation channels, provide evidence for infringement complaints, provide a more credible big data trading environment, and increase the willingness of data owners to share.

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